Valerie Riddley

Personal Information

  • Name: Valerie Sammantha Riddley
  • Age: Thirty
  • Blood: Half-Blood
  • Birthdate: February 14, 2062
  • Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Occupation: Muggle Studies Professor

Physical Appearance

Blond. Petite. Blue-eyed. Curly-haired. Fair-skinned.

What more is there to say? A picture is worth a thousand words…make up your own.

  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 126 Lbs.
  • Distinguishing Features: Pteromerhanophobia, Altophobia, her love of high-heeled shoes.


“Do you remember Valerie Riddley?”

“Sort of, yeah. Timid, mousy little blond thing, right? She was a year or two below us, completely afraid of her own shadow. Was terrified of flying, too, if memory serves. Why do you ask?”

“Someone told me she's going to be teaching at Hogwarts this year.”

“Are you kidding me? That scrawny, spineless little thing?”

“Excuse me, gentlemen, and I do use that term loosely, but as fascinating as we all find this conversation, some of us have better things to do than stand around all day gossiping.”

“We're terribly sorry, Miss…?”

“Riddley. Apology not excepted. Now, if you'll excuse me, this scrawny, spineless little thing has supplies to buy. Good day, gentlemen.”

“That was, and she - ”

“'fraid so, mate.”


School Information

  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Position: Former Prefect
  • N.E.W.T. Scores:
    • Transfiguration: O
    • Potions: O
    • Ancient Runes: E
    • Charms: O
    • Defense Against The Dark Arts: A
    • Astronomy: A
    • History Of Magic: P
    • Muggle Studies: O
    • Care Of Magical Creatures: E

Notable Skills

Valerie: (N) 1. That average, shy girl you didn't even know you went to school with. 2. A wallflower of the highest order, who loves reading and writes best-selling muggle mystery novels. 3. The Muggle Studies Professor at Hogwarts, who is terrified of heights and flying, but swims like a fish. 4. A snorkeler/scuba diver who plays a mean game of Snooker and is addicted to most board games. 5. That chick in yoga class who does origami while she waits for the teacher.

Magical Information

Corporeal Dove Patronus. Quick to pick up on most spells. Drinks herbal tea, not predicts the future with her cuppa. Good at patching up injuries in a jiff. Currently working on enchanting technology for use at Hogwarts.


  • Wand: 12 ½ Inches, Elm, Unicorn Tail Hair
  • Broom: As if her feet would leave the ground. Keep dreaming, mate.
  • Pets: Jubilee, a Scarlet Macaw
  • Other Belongings: Board games, a few novels, a great deal of treats, and a few tricks for later!

Brief History

Not the best. Not the worst. Just time passed, left in the past.

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