Valentines Day Massacre

The Valentines Day Massacre was an assault on Hogsmeade on February 14th, 2093. The majority of the Hogwarts student body was present for the attack, and there are presently 21 confirmed fatalities from the assault, including two students.

Exact details as to the attack are sketchy: it was quite chaotic, and everyone remembers what happened just a little differently. However, a few things have been established for certain:

  • At roughly 2:45 PM, the sky grew unnaturally dark, and a bitter chill followed after it.
  • At roughly 2:57 PM, the full moon became visible in the magically darkened sky.
  • At roughly 3:03 PM, the Three Broomsticks was destroyed in a bout of Fiendfyre.

After the destruction of the Three Broomsticks, complete chaos broke out through the city. Reports vary, but it is verifiable that numerous additional attacks with fiendfyre claimed many Hogsmeade establishments, and that the spread of the magical flame was ultimately responsible for the complete destruction of Hogsmeade. Some present on the scene insist there was a werewolf in their midst, and a small handful - including one of the dead students, Jedan Culmo - had wounds that suggested as much. However, authorities consider it unlikely that an actual werewolf was present, and it is presently considered more likely that an animagus is behind the rumors.

Most of those present agree that a swarm of Dementors cut off the panicked crowd from escaping the town, and between the Dementors and the Fiendfyre, there were many deaths before the situation could be brought to even a semblance of control.

Accounts vary as to how many wizards were behind the attack, with estimates ranging from six to thirty-five, though most eyewitnesses claim to have seen only one or two actual attackers, aside from the Dementors.

The Auror Department has been called in to investigate the incident thoroughly, though no report has yet been made.

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