Thomas Grimm

Personal Information

  • Name: Thomas Samael Grimm
  • Age: 34
  • Blood: Pure blood
  • Birthdate: October 31st
  • Place of Birth: Brighton, England
  • Occupation: Professor

Physical Appearance

Blond hair, lightly tanned complexion, stubble around his chin, sometimes a full beard, blue eyes, and a very nice sense of fashion if he'd just learn to be a little neater.

  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 162 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: crooked smile



Stern. Cold. Dedicated. Empathetic. Secretly benevolent. Appropriate terms in which to describe Thomas. As an inventor, he is not innately anti-social, it simply comes with the territory. Where everyone is a hindrance, and few every prove helpful, it doesn't leave much room for friends. Not to mention, when everyone around him seems incompetent and everything they do is wrong, most people don't want to be. Nevertheless, he gives credit where credit is due, he is just prone to calling a spade a spade. He values hard work, and one of the few instances where he is truly happy is when a student asks him a question. While he'd never show it on his face, students who asks questions and have curious minds get brownie points from him (and sometimes House points when he sees the information he gives being actively used). He is also considerably messy and disorganized.

School Information

  • House: Former Slytherin
  • Position: Charms Professor
  • NEWT Scores:
    • Charms: O
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
    • Transfigurations: O
    • Muggle Studies: A
    • Arithmancy: E
    • Study of Ancient Runes: E
    • History of Magic: A

Notable Skills

Thomas is an exceptional inventor, and very talented with machinery of muggle nature. While he has no particular love for muggles, he does find their technology fascinating, and studies some of it in his free time, which sometimes even gifts him with ideas for new charms and spells. Muggle innovation has been, since he was a student, a contributing factor to his own drive as an amateur inventor. Among other things, he is good at cooking and muggle sword play.

Magical Information

His skill as a magical inventor and intellect is leagues above that of his skill in muggle machinery. His talent with charms and his love of inventing things feed off each other — his talent with charms makes him a very capable inventor, and his talent in inventing opens up a wide array of possibilities for charms. He's conceived many spells in his youth and adulthood, and is remarkably accomplished for his age. He has thought about one day taking the challenge of becoming a champion duelist, implying he likely has considerable skill; however, his dedication to Hogwarts and teaching has become increasingly strong, and he isn't currently sure if he is up to the task. He is also a capable occlumens (learned out of fear that his inventions might be stolen one day; it is one of several precautions he has taken to combat the skills of people like Gilderoy Lockhart).

  • Patronus: Corporeal. Coonhound


  • Wand: 11" - Ash and Dragon Heartstring
  • Broom: Starfire Zeta
  • Pets: Great Horned Owl — Nicodemus
  • Other Possessions:
    • Hand of Glory: Gives light only to the beholder.
    • Pensieve: Used to review stored memories.
    • Remembrall: Glows red when the user has forgotten something.
    • Blast Quills: A type of anti-cheating quill invented by Thomas, in which the quill explodes if the student is cheating, coating their hands, papers, and faces in a difficult to remove black dust; as such, not only is the paper ruined, but punishment is further dealt to the student. Thomas can also activate it with a non-verbal spell if he happens to catch them himself.
    • Keystone: A Keystone in the shape of a snakes head located on an arch behind Thomas' desk. Yet another one of his inventions, it is a magical projector which can bring images into a 2D and 3D view; used during his lessons.
    • ???: A mysterious, slightly opaque black cube made of glass or some kind of crystalline substance. With a surface area of about 36 feet, it appears light, but is actually phenomenally heavy. It floats atop a black iron pedestal in the corner of his classroom.

The items listed have some value to his Charms lessons as well as to his personal use. Items may also be added to the list as lesson plans are thought up.

Brief History

His mother and father, inventors themselves, are both dead. They died early in his life when he was in his second year at Hogwarts because they liked playing with magic, considerably haphazardly, and one day an experiment went wrong, the house blew up, and they both died, and Thomas had to learn about it in an absurd Howler from his aunt; while the howler did not yell, it did weep considerably and cry out. Thomas was saddened, for a spell, but eventually grew to consider his parents moronic for their folly. While the incident and the loss of his parents has undoubtedly played a significant roll in his life, he has thus far lived trying to show no emotion towards the incident. He simply continued to grow up, convinced nothing would be different had they lived. Interestingly enough, prior to their death, Thomas wanted to work for the Ministry, and after, all he could do was make and invent things.

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