Theomere Halbert

Theomere Halbert

Name: Theomere Halbert
Age: 11
Blood: Pure Blood
Birth date: 12-6-2081
Place of Birth: Hogsmeade
Occupation: Student, Duelist

Physical Appearance
Height: 4'6"
Weight: skinny
Distinguishing Features: Hazel Eyes

Though knowledge is the most important thing to him, almost all things he does further himself. He knows where the line is in spells, but will not go over it. His movements are flamboyant (but not pompous) and he is ruthless in his actions, as he needs to be to be a duelist

School Information
Year: First year
Position: NA
OWL Scores: NA
All First year classes
Discipline, flamboyant, intelligent, and ruthless in all things he does.

Magical Information


  • Quetzal Pinion
  • Dawn Redwood

Quetzal Pinion
Other Belongings:

Brief History
Theomere Halbert was one of the few able to attend Hogwarts as a first year. He studied duelling as an obsession, and often had his parents demonstrate spells to use in duelling. Though he would never attempt any magic outside of school.

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