Theft Of The Seeing Stones

The theft of the Seeing Stones occurred on January 21st of 2064.

At around noon that day, the Department of Investigations of the Ministry of Magic for the Himalayas received a request for help. Most of those present were mystified by the request, as it came from a Tibetan temple that (so far as the Ministry knew) had no connection to the wizarding world. Still, three investigators were dispatched, and they discovered the temple had been ransacked, and the monks who tended it killed.

The lone survivor was clearly not a Buddhist monk - the investigators found a gravely wounded wizard. He mentioned the theft of something very important, and he mentioned Kali Anmalyashonjir's name - but the man died before he could explain anything further to them.

Further investigation over the next few days revealed that three polished agates were stolen from the temple, gems which had been referred to as 'seeing stones', though the investigators were unable to discern anything further about them.

Due to the mention of Kali, the information was quickly shared with everyone in a position of authority in the Ministry cause.

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