The Rules
  1. This IS an RP in the Harry Potter universe. Particularly, it is an RP in the interpretation presented by the various ‘Harry Potter RP That Doesn’t Suck’ story lines. If you have a problem with that, go ahead and leave right now, thanks.
  2. Characters must be approved by two moderators before joining the RP. A limited number of animagi, metamorphmagi, and nonhumans will be allowed – they will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. The same is true for Quidditch positions and professorial positions.
  3. God moding and metagaming are strictly prohibited, and punishable by summary castration. If the castration doesn't work, we might defenestrate you too.
  4. Your character can die. We generally will not kill off characters without permission, but if you write yourself into a bad position, or if you are guilty of breaking Rule 3, there is a pretty good chance you'll end up dead.
  5. If you have a side-story you want to run, clear it with a moderator first. We're more than happy to have side plots and story lines outside the main narrative, but make sure it won't conflict with anything other people are running, please.
  6. Please try to post often. If you have not posted in a 2 week time span, your character will be moved to the list of Inactive Characters. Please let us know if you plan to take an extended leave of absence and we will attempt to accommodate your position in the story accordingly. Family and Life emergencies/crisis fall under extenuating circumstances. If you have been labeled inactive and would like your character to be moved to an active position, let the mods know and action will be taken to do so. However, inactivity may lose you your position (Professor, Prefect, etc.), and it is at the discretion of the mods as to whether or not your position will be re-instated. The policy is, in the simplest of terms, "Use it or Lose it."
  7. Respect each other. This means don't flame each other in OOC, leave the drama llama at the door, and try to use proper English in your posts. Thank you.
  8. This RP is GMed. This means that it is not pure free form - moderators guide the story, control the majority of NPCs, and do have the right to injure or kill characters if the situation calls for it. Bear in mind that this also means players do not have the right to automatically call shots with major NPCs or story-related actions.
  9. On opening the room - any player is allowed to open the RP room any time they like, however only a moderator can advance the main plot. If you do choose to open the room, the proper name is either Hogwarts-2092[Ask] or Hogwarts-2092[Recruiting]. Thank you!
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