Tegan Allerdyce

Personal Information

  • Name: Tegan Christine Allerdyce
  • Age: Twenty-Nine
  • Blood: Pureblood
  • Birthdate: March 17, 2063
  • Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
  • Occupation: Arithmancy Professor

Physical Appearance

Tegan is tall and slender, with golden skin often put on display by the dresses, skirts, sweaters, camisoles, and blouses she favors when teaching. Not a big fan of high heels, the cinnamon-eyed woman is often seen in flats and sandals during the school week, although trainers and flip-flops are the standard fair during the weekend. Such shoes are usually paired with jeans, tank tops, or tees and an informal robe in eye catching colors. Her hair is forever changing styles, although the length (mid-back) and the color (brown) remain the same.

  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 128 Lbs.
  • Distinguishing Features: Brilliant smile, one of the Pack forever shadowing her.



Tegan can be considered a pretty hands-off teacher, as she has faith in her students..for the most part. However, she's never above stepping in if she believes something to be wrong, both in class and out. Well known for her silver tongue and easy to understand explanations, she is relatively liked by students, as she favors no particular house despite her duties as Head of Slytherin. Considered to be extremely fair and utterly decisive, it's not surprise that she had quite a temper once riled. It's always wise to pity the fool who gets her started.

Alongside her temper, she also has the darker distinctions of being labeled evasive, ambitious, and self-serving. For the most part, these hold true. Still, she is never seen without at least one of the Pack following her, barring meals, and is often chosen to help out with the first years and muggle-borns. Surely, someone who is that good with young children and animals can't be all bad…right?

School Information

  • Previous Schools: Kalveridge Academy For Witchy Blokes (First-Fifth Year), Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • House: Slytherin Alumna
  • Position: Head Of Slytherin House
  • N.E.W.T. Scores:
    • Astronomy: A
    • Ancient Runes: E
    • Arithmancy: O
    • Charms: E
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
    • Divination: P
    • Potions: O
    • Transfiguration: A

Notable Skills

Does Tegan do anything worthy of note? If you asked her, she'd probably say no. But she is an avid runner and fairly good on a broom. She has a tendency of collecting injured or abandoned dogs, and often spends her summers camping, hiking, and backpacking throughout the world. In between such adventures, she's often found at home in Australia with her favorite children..her nieces, nephews, and older brothers. As for her biggest fear, well, she's not telling. Although her greatest weakness is a pint of Foster's.

Magical Information

Tegan is, all and all, a pretty average witch. Her scores weren't all that stellar, and her her beloved Slytherin quidditch team never won the Quidditch Cup the years she was on it. She was never made Head Girl, or even a Prefect. No, Tegan Allerdyce never stood out for anything other than her genius in Arithmancy and her temper. If anything could be said about her in terms of magical power, it's that she's slightly above average, but it's nothing to write home about. No, Tegan's real power comes from her easy explanations when teaching and her Slytherin nature. So what if she can make a corporeal patronus? So can a lot of people at Hogwarts, it seems. And really? A python isn't the most impressive patronus in creation.


  • Wand: 12 Inches, Willow, Wagyl Fang*
  • Broom: Suisei 6
  • Pets: Kylie, her Great Hawk Owl, and the Pack.
    • The Pack: Aisling, a two year old Shih-Tzu female. Sterling, a four year old Carpathian Shepherd male. Kegan, a six year old Scottie male. Rory, a five year old Australian Labradoodle female.
  • Other Belongings: Invisibility cloak, Wireless, Exploding Snap deck.

Brief History

Tegan was born to Hayden and Chase Allerdyce, the youngest child of four and the sole girl. As a result, Tegan was both spoiled and influenced by Benji, Ian, and Riley. It was this attitude towards her that played the biggest hand in shaping her into the temperamental, slightly self-centered tom-boy you see today. Around the time Tegan was 14, her parents began arguing frequently and within the next year, the Allerdyces were divorced, Hayden choosing to move back to England. Unable, or perhaps unwilling to leave her beloved brothers and country behind, Tegan chose to stay with her Father. It would last year until the man would say something in a fit of drunken rage that would send her into the arms of her Mother and the Hogwarts fold.

Tegan frequently flits back and forth between Australia and England these days, visiting her brothers and other assorted family, although it's not unusual to find one of the three stooges staying in her rooms during the weekend.They're all relatively proud of the woman she's become with the exception of her Father, whom she hasn't spoken to in over fourteen years. Some things are just unforgivable. Even without him in her life, she finds she's closer to her family than ever.

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