Tattooed Man

The Tattooed Man fell out of the sky, landing unconscious on the Quidditch pitch immediately following the first Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw match in Episode 2. Cursory examination suggested he was not injured in any visible way, though he remained unconscious.

Between forty and sixty years old, noticeably overweight with graying hair and slightly sallow complexion, the Tattooed Man appeared quite average in all ways, except for his namesake - he was covered, from head to toe, in elaborate, ever-changing tattoos. The transient nature of his tattoos had one exception: on his back, a ring composed of thirteen candles never moved or shifted, even as the images around and within them boiled and blended into new colors and thoughts.

After he fell, the Tattooed Man was tended to by Audric Benoit and Fraulein Kaust. He remains unconscious, and is presently being kept in the infirmary.

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