Story Updates

Updates to the story will be posted here! The Hogwarts 2092 story will be handled in an episodic format, consisting of a series of stand-alone storylines that gradually build on an ongoing story arc.

Episode 1 - "An Achievement-Related Setback"

An achievement-related setback at the Sorting Feast turns into a chaotic conflict in the Great Hall three weeks later. Dozens of students are injured in the hardest blow struck by a mysterious enemy known only as the 'Blue Man'…

Episode 2 - "Thirteen Candles"

The appearance of the mysterious 'Tattooed Man' is one of many mysteries that plague Hogwarts over the month of October, compounded by the disappearance of the Merfolk, Centaurs, and Acromantulas, the fire in the Forbidden Forest, and the prophecies at the Halloween Feast.

Episode 3 - "Cast Into Darkness

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