A Sarpan is a magical creature native to the Isle of Man. Bearing the rough appearance of a massive, humanoid goat, Sarpan are sometimes confused with the unrelated satyr.

Sarpans are generally good-natured and shy, rarely approaching humans, and rarely allowing them to approach. While they are traditionally credited with wisdom among Manx and Irish wizards, Sarpans have shown little interest in sharing any purported wisdom they have - mostly, they simply wish to be left alone, to graze in peace.

Sarpans are very large, with adults often standing as tall as 12' at the shoulder and weighing well over a thousand pounds. They are covered, from head to toe, in shaggy brown, white, or gray fur, and have spectacular curling horns protruding from their heads. The legs of a Sarpan end in cloven hooves, while the arms end in four-fingered hands with opposable thumbs - they boast both remarkable agility and manual dexterity, in addition to the titanic strength drawn of their size.

In Episode 1, a rogue group of Sarpans assaulted the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Many students were injured, and Archibald Tolbein nearly died. The event was especially upsetting to Professor Lesley Cassaday, who noted that it was the only time in recorded history that Sarpans had ever attacked humans unprovoked.

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