Romulus Tigerbane

Personal Information

  • Name: Romulus Tigerbane
  • Age: Sixteen
  • Blood: O Positive
  • Birthdate: August 28th
  • Place of Birth: Athens, Greece
  • Occupation: Student at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 6’1”
  • Weight: 206 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Brown
  • Build: Slightly muscular
  • Accent: Slight Greek Accent
  • Distinguishing Features: A small crescent scar upon his left shoulder blade.



Romulus is a very trustworthy person. He protects those held near and dear to him and always likes to help others, probably more so then he likes to get help. He is very outgoing and joking with friends, yet get on his bad side and he will be harsh. He is accepting of many different kinds of people and doesn’t judge them based on silly things like blood purity or economic status. His biggest negative quality is his Pride, sometimes getting the best of him when it comes to needing help.

School Information

  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Position: Chaser for the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team (Is good at Beater too)
  • OWL Scores:
    • Charms: O
    • Transfiguration: O
    • Herbology: O
    • Defense Against The Dark Arts: O
    • Ancient Runes: E
    • Potions: O
    • Care of Magical Creatures: O
    • Astronomy: O
    • Diviniation: E
    • Artithmacy: A
    • History of Magic: A
    • Muggle Studies: E
  • Classes:
    • Regular Classes
      • Herbology
      • Potions
      • Defense Against the Dark Arts
      • Care of Magical Creatures
      • Charms
      • Transfiguration
      • History of Magic
    • Special Classes
      • Astronomy(Midnight classes twice a week)
      • Apparition Lessons

Notable Skills

- Romulus is a very skilled at riding horses, as well as a couple other non conventional animals…
- Romulus learned to pick locks from his cousin, a muggle.

Magical Information

- Romulus can tame most animals others might have difficulty with, although he still has some difficulty with those more feral creatures.
- Romulus has a natural talent for Occulimens, though nothing strong yet.
- Romulus currently knows how to apparate, and is learning how to do so with a white “tail”
- Romulus’ patronus takes the form of a Tiger
- Romulus, when seeing a Boggart, sees it as a giant Vampire Bat.
- Romulus is an excellent quidditch player


  • Wand: An inflexible, 10.5 inch, Red Oak Wand that is Dark auburn in color. Inside it holds a Chimera Scale and Phoenix Tail Feather.
  • Broom: A Nimbus 2090, loves it for it’s handling.
  • Pets: A Black Japanese Scops Owl by the name of Umbris and an Indiant Mongoose named Hermes that lives at home.
  • Other Belongings: A pendant from his mom. It is a dragonfly stuck in amber and is said to hold magical properties, though he’s never seen it in action.

Brief History

Romulus’ life started off rather troubled. He was born the oldest of two kids that were three minutes apart, but he had a cord wrapped around his neck while in his mother. The boy was born and the doctors thought that he wouldn’t make it, but he did. He was taken home when he was healthy enough and the main complication his father and mother wanted to make sure didn’t hurt him was his intellect. As he grew, though, he showed that he was going to be a very smart kid, smarter than his younger brother. The two were very close and both loved to enrich themselves, but Romulus’ interests grew heavily with sports, more so then his brother. Romulus grew up watching Quidditch matches and other things, and as he grew in primary school he always liked to act like he was a player of the game. Finally the day came when he joined the student body of Hogwarts, where he and his borther, along with the rest of the class, were sorted. The sorting hat, in not wanting to split up kin, placed Remus and Romulus in the same house, the house their father was in. Romulus grew to have a few nice friends, but his main focus was Quidditch. His first year of school saw him as a chaser, and a good one at that. The last game of the year saw him in a match against Slytherin, where a bludger hit him in the back and throw him to the ground. He was out of commission for the rest of the game, and ever since then he had back problems. He returned for the second year as chaser, but he never really shook off the pain, and yet his skill was still very good. Midway through the third year one of the beaters decided to leave, spooked that the bludger was coming after him too much. This spooked the back up and there were none left. Romulus made a gutsy call and switched his position to bludger, hitting the skies in a match against Slytherin, the same guy that injured him in his first year still playing. He would play with his team and towards the ending moments of the game, he smacked a bludger at the man who hit him, which luckily also took the Slytherin Seeker out. Ever since that day, Romulus the chaser became the very offensive Romulus the beater, but he now plays both positions very well. After his fifth year he began getting letters from professional teams, requesting that he show interest in playing for them. He feels like he isn’t that good, but he is still interested in trying out.

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