Recovery Of The Stone Of Vision

The recovery of the Stone of Vision was an important event in the Auror War, taking place shortly after the Battle of Rosecross. After Abigail Treslyn surrendered to Haruhi Kojima, she gave to the Auror a small, polished red agate. Kojima reported that Treslyn insisted the stone was important, but wasn't certain why.

Kojima discovered that, when she held the stone aloft, she experienced a vision of something distant. She initially believed it to be a captured prophecy, but research by the Wizard's Council suggested otherwise, and the stone was sent to Kijushou for further analysis.

Those who held the stone all reported the same vision: a dynamic scene of what appeared to be a lonely stretch of sand in the Nile Delta, with the bones of several crocodiles strewn across the shoreline.

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