Rebekah Addison

Rebekah Lavine (nee Addison) was a major figure in the Second Auror War and Seven Month War. One of the companions of Mazzy Lavine during the war, she played a direct part in many battles, and ultimately deduced the location of the Gates of Anhuala, leading to the confrontation between her allies and Kali Anmalyashonjir.

After the war, Rebekah spent several years teaching Transfigurations at Hanakotoba School of Magic. During that time, she married Mazzy, and reconnected with Ty Collins, who was involved with the reconstruction of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She convinced Mazzy to return to Hogwarts, where she continued teaching Transfigurations until the onset of the Seven Month War.

After Mazzy's death, Rebekah returned to her family's land in Scotland, and has made every effort to stay off the radar since then.

She has one child, Xia Lavine.


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