Hogwarts' four Houses compete in a yearly Quidditch Cup, consisting of numerous games and a final match every year. Quidditch games will not be roleplayed - actively RPing them would be a hell of a task, take far too long and doing it fairly becomes a major issue. Instead, moderators will periodically roll the results of Quidditch matches, and update this page accordingly. Note that the more player characters there are on a Quidditch team, the better it will fare. Also note that Quidditch positions are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and the earlier you claim a spot on a Quidditch team, the greater your effect will be on the results.

Also important to note is the value of the snitch - in international Quidditch, the value of the Snitch was lowered from 150 points to 50 points several years ago in order to renew interest in the sport and create a more exciting, team-oriented game.1

2092-93 Quidditch Cup Results

Final Standings

  • Hufflepuff: 5-4-0, PF 820, PA 820
  • Ravenclaw: 6-2-1, PF 740, PA 600
  • 3rd - Slytherin: 4-6-0, PF 810, PA 860
  • 4th - Gryffindor: 3-6-1, PF 720, PA 810

Season Summary

The early part of 2092 features some major developments in the Quidditch hierarchy, with two teams seeing their old leadership tumble! Xia Lavine seized the captaincy of the Ravenclaw team and held open tryouts, while Ryan Rosell overthrew the old guard in Hufflepuff and replaced several of the key players. How these newly minted teams will perform is the matter of much speculation! Kind of!

Upcoming Matches

  • Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw - Cup Final, 2/20

Season Matches

Game 1: Gryffindor 80, Slytherin 50

A close, hard-fought, largely defensive game ends after 21 minutes when Chloe Violette catches the Snitch. Callia Lehane puts on a vivid show at Keeper for Slytherin, stopping 22 of 25 shots - Aki Sparks and Jedan Culmo each manage only 10 points against her. Meanwhile, Archibald Tolbein is sharp early but struggles late, allowing 50 points - 20 each from Avalon Marsh and Erasmus Thornton - while stopping 24 of 29 shots. The first match of the season demonstrates remarkable skill on the part of Slytherin, a team expected to be relatively weak after the departure of several key members. Marsh, a new Captain, and Lehane, a new transfer, immediately put themselves on the map.

Game 2: Ravenclaw 130, Hufflepuff 80

A rather long and brutal match ends in the 54th minute when Xia Lavine catches the snitch. Lavine was knocked off her broom early in the match with a well-placed hit by Wynter Bliss, one of five on the match for the beater. Her partner Jackson Drake also landed six hits, in a combination that proved very frustrating for Ravenclaw's chasers. Despite Hufflepuff's beaters playing exceptionally well, the team is done in by a lack of offensive support for Ryan Rosell, who scored 70 of the teams 80 points and accounted for over half of the team's shots, and by the lack of a strong keeper, as Ravenclaw was able to match the score despite their chasers being contained by Drake and Bliss throughout the match. Romulus Tigerbane scored 50 points, while Decius Drake had 30. In keeper Izzy Iwamura's first start, he played well, stopping 99 of 107 Hufflepuff shots.

Game 3: Gryffindor 200, Hufflepuff 70

For the second straight match, Hufflepuff is frustrated by a lack of offensive support and the dearth at keeper. The match ends officially in the 46th minute when Chloe Violette catches the snitch, but was over long before that, as Gryffindor jumped out to a significant lead and never relinquished it. Hufflepuff's excellent beaters failed to slow Gryffindor's attack, with Jackson Drake managing only a single hit, and Wynter Bliss landing three, all against Aki Sparks. Aki scored 90 points, while Jaden Culmo scored 60 for Gryffindor. Ryan Rosell maintained her scoring lead with a 60 point game, despite continual harassment from Milan Churcenli. Ultimately, the play of Archibald Tolbein - with 65 saves on 72 shots - was decisive, and Hufflepuff's weakness at keeper was the death knell in a match over nearly as soon as it began.

Game 4: Ravenclaw 100, Slytherin 50

A long, and stalemated, keeper's duel ends abruptly in the 41st minute when Xia Lavine catches the snitch, enabled by Meredith Porthman's key unseating of Anthony Grippah. The hit is one of two on the day for Porthman, and likely the largest contribution to the victory. Avalon Marsh was the best chaser on the pitch, scoring 40 points and driving her team's offense, but the match between Izzy Iwamura, who made 48 saves on 53 shots, and Callia Lehane, who made 50 saves on 55 shots, was the story of the game. Decius Drake and Romulus Tigerbane each scored 20 points for Ravenclaw, while Erasmus Thornton added 10 for Slytherin, but neither offense seemed capable of maintaining prolonged pressure. Though she failed to make the impact Porthman did, Ophelia Wright was a terror with the bludger, knocking each of Drake and Tigerbane to the ground once, setting the theme for a rather violent match.

Game 5: Gryffindor 70, Ravenclaw 70

A largely one-sided match is carried by Gryffindor until Xia Lavine catches the snitch in the 27th minute, salvaging a draw. Xia nearly had an early win in the 5th minute, but a well-placed hit by Milan Churcenli prolonged the match. On the other end Meredith Porthman likely saved the draw with a late hit on Aki Sparks, preventing an easy score. Despite the defensive play of Porthman, Gryffindor held the pace of the match, with Sparks scoring 40 points and Jaden Culmo adding 20. Ravenclaw's seekers were largely ineffective, with Decius Drake and Romulus Tigerbane each managing only 10 points. Both keepers put on an excellent show - Archibald Tolbein was very sharp, making 36 saves on 38 shots, while Izuyo Iwamura was worked to the bone, with 73 saves on 80 shots. The heavy rain that persisted throughout the match made for difficult conditions, with seven players - including Sparks and Tigerbane - requiring some medical treatment after the match.

Game 6: Hufflepuff 160, Slytherin 120

With a new keeper and a new attitude, Hufflepuff holds off Slytherin for their first win of the season, capped by Artur Espinosa catching the snitch in the 47th minute. Large an offensive showing, chasers on both sides raced out to very strong games - Avalon Marsh had 90 points, putting herself in the thick of the scoring race, while Ryan Rosell regained the scoring lead with an 80 point night. Erasmus Thornton scored 30 points, and coupled with Avalon's production, Slytherin held a significant lead late in the match. However, after struggling early, Aedan Haddon held strong at keeper, stopping 80 of 92 shots on the game. Callia Lehane had a rare off-match, stopping 67 of 78. Both keepers were badly overworked despite strong showings by Jackson Drake, with three hits, Wynter Bliss, who dropped Thornton once, and Ophelia Wright, with two.

Game 7: Slytherin 100, Gryffindor 90

Slytherin's first win of the season comes on a rather shocking victory over a strong Gryffindor team, ending abruptly in the 43rd minute when Anthony Grippah catches the snitch. Gryffindor held the lead through most of the game, but a key drop of Chloe Violette by beater Ophelia Wright turned the match. Played in driving rain, conditions were terrible for both sides, but there were a few standouts on either team: Aki Sparks scored 50 points and Jaden Culmo scored 30 for Gryffindor, while Avalon Marsh scored 40 for Slytherin. Aside from Wright's key hit, it was a defensively quiet game, and both keepers showed flashes of brilliance. Archibald Tolbein finished with 44 saves on 49 shots, and Callia Lehane was well-worked throughout the match, saving 71 of 80 shots.

Game 8: Hufflepuff 70, Ravenclaw 50

A short match ends with a surprising win for Hufflepuff in the 19th minute, dealing a loss to the last remaining undefeated team. Artur Espinosa outdueled Xia Lavine for the snitch, the stability of his broom proving an unexpected advantage in the violent weather. Both keepers played exceptionally well, with Izzy Iwamura making 24 saves on 26 shots, and Aedan Haddon saving 39 of 44, and for most of the match Ravenclaw seemed to have control. Ryan Rosell scored twice, making do with her characteristic lack of offensive support, while Romulus Tigerbane and Decius Drake had 20 points each for Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff's excellent beaters were also quiet, though Meredith Porthman did score a pair of hits against Ryan, harassing Hufflepuff's already shaky offense throughout the match.

Game 9: Gryffindor 120, Hufflepuff 50

Galvanized by a loss to their oldest rival, Gryffindor responds with a decisive victory against Hufflepuff, capped by Chloe Violette's capture of the snitch in the 20th minute. Exceptional offensive play from both captains - Aki Sparks and Ryan Rosell had 40 points each - was largely overshadowed by both the speed and violence of the match. Jackson Drake was called for Bumphing against Archibald Tolbein early in the match, shortly thereafter Meelan Churcenli was whistled for Snitchnipping, preventing a potential catch by Artur Espinosa. A total of thirteen Cobbing fouls were also called, and Tolbein was incensed by what he believed to be stooging late in the match. The contest was not without clean hits, either, as Jackson Drake registered two hits, both against Sparks, and Wynter Bliss registered three, on the other end, Churcenli had two hits for Gryffindor. Aedan Haddon was occasionally shaky in his first loss, making 51 saves on 58 shots, while Tolbien was very sharp early before losing his composure late, and stopped 50 of 55.

Game 10: Ravenclaw 90, Slytherin 60

Xia Lavine captures the snitch in the 25th minute, securing a victory for Ravenclaw in a game where they were otherwise badly outplayed. Avalon Marsh was the best player on the pitch for most of the match, scoring 50 points and forcing herself into the conversation for top chaser in the school. Romulus Tigerbane scored 20 points for Ravenclaw, but struggled to match up with Avalon, losing the quaffle to her several times. Meredith Porthman and Kieran Krum took great delight in wreaking havoc all across the pitch and on each other, with each notching five hits - and Krum preventing an easy score by taking Tigerbane off his broom. Ophelia Wright further contributed for Slytherin with two hits and a drop of Porthman. Callia Lehane faced few shots thanks to Slytherin's unusually lively beaters, but struggled against those she faced, stopping only 11 of 15. Izzy Iwamura saw many shots, and was sometimes shaky at the goals, making 51 saves on 57 shots.

Game 11: Ravenclaw 80, Gryffindor 70

Only two days after the tragedy at Hogsmeade, the first match played was subdued, both by the pattering rain and by the somber tone of the players and spectators. The match ended in the 26th minute when Chloe Violette caught the snitch and staunched Gryffindor's bleeding. With the recent death of one current and one former Gryffindor player, the team was perhaps understandably lackluster - Aki Sparks scored 20 points in his worst offensive showing of the year, while Archibald Tolbein struggled throughout the match, stopping 44 of 52 shots. Izzy Iwamura was not particularly sharp on the other side, but he didn't work so hard, making 15 saves on 17 shots. Romulus Tigerbane was likely the best player on the pitch, scoring 40 points, while Meredith Porthman - perhaps out of respect - made no hits. Before the game, a moment of silence was observed, and Chester Flutey made a surprisingly tone-savvy speech to the student body about the tragedy, and how Hogwarts would respond.

Game 12: Hufflepuff 110, Slytherin 60

Another game in played in the shadow of the Hogsmeade tragedy, the match between Hufflepuff and Slytherin was less solemn, though it was also opened with a moment of silent observance. The match ended in the 28th minute, when Artur Espinosa caught the snitch. The match had been competitive to that point, with Ryan Rosell and Avalon Marsh dueling throughout, Ryan scoring 40 points and Avalon scoring 50. In another quiet match for the beaters, neither Kieran Krum nor Ophelia Wright flashed much muscle, both playing a blocking game instead - though Wright did drop Espinosa from his broom once, in a showing up of Hufflepuff's overmatched defense. The match between keepers was also quite even, with Aedan Haddon making 59 saves on 65 shots, and Callia Lehane stopping 46 of 52. Several Slytherin players and observers seemed unusually distracted in the latter end of the match, with seeker Anthony Grippah not even paying attention to the snitch as it passed right by his cheek.

Game 13: Slytherin 100, Gryffindor 10

The sudden and shocking disappearance of Gryffindor's captain and star chaser, Aki Sparks, coupled with the excellent play of Slytherin's replacement keeper Gretchen Kaust, leads to a brutal rout in a game that was only close until the first shot. The match ended mercifully for Gryffindor with Anthony Grippah's catch in the 11th minute, narrowly besting Chloe Violette in a brief and occasionally violent duel for the snitch. Gryffindor was outplayed across the board, but nowhere was it clearer than in the offensive game - without Sparks, the Gryffindor chasers managed only 10 points between them, while Avalon Marsh alone scored 30 points for Slytherin. Ophelia Wright and Kieran Krum had a field day on the depleted and demoralized Gryffindor team, scoring four hits each, with Wright taking Violette off her broom on two occasions. Only Archie Tolbein was particularly sharp, stopping 46 of 51 shots, but he was outmatched by Kaust, who stopped 12 of 13 in winning her first start and by far the most one-sided match of the year.

Game 14: Ravenclaw 100, Hufflepuff 90

Artur Espinosa catches the snitch in the 20th minute of a game that was never as close as the final score, saving Hufflepuff's dignity but not pulling out a victory. Ryan Rosell, Hufflepuff's captain and arguably best player, never seemed to have her head in the match, and was effectively held in check by Meredith Porthman - she scored only 20 points, and Porthman hit her three times, and took her off her broom once. Romulus Tigerbane place well for Ravenclaw, with 40 points in the match, though he was whistled twice for Bumphing against Aedan Haddon. Izzy Iwamura was unexceptional but good enough to win, making 34 saves on 38 shots, while Haddon played extremely well but was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the Ravenclaw attack - making 71 saves on 81 shots.

Game 15: Hufflepuff 80, Gryffindor 0

In another brutal setback for the once-unstoppable Gryffindor juggernaut, star seeker Chloe Violette transferred from Hogwarts to Beauxbatons, keying another painful loss for the team. Artur Espinosa catches the snitch in the 7th minute of a slow-paced match that never sees Gryffindor with a serious chance. Ryan Rosell has 20 points for Hufflepuff, Gryffindor's chasers fail to put any significant pressure on Huffepuff throughout the short game. Archie Tolbein plays rather well, but with no support, it goes for naught - with 28 saves on 31 shots, he was the star of the game. Aedan Haddon did not allow a goal, but as he faced only 4 shots, the feat proved somewhat less than impressive.

Game 16: Slytherin 90, Ravenclaw 50

Slytherin's bid to climb back to respectability continues - Anthony Grippah catches the snitch in the 17th minute, ending a violent and brutal match with Slytherin's second consecutive win. The match, though short, saw a full 66 penalties called, including 12 counts of bumphing, 3 of snitchnipping, and four injured spectators from misfired bludgers. Avalon Marsh and Romulus Tigerbane dueled through much of the match, each scoring 30 points, and the competition between them culminated in Marsh kicking him off his broom (the 49th penalty of the match) during a scuffle for the quaffle. Hitting Tigerbane proved a popular pastime, as both Kieran Krum and Ophelia Wright repeatedly targeted him, each knocking him off his broom at least once, en route to a four hit night for Krum and a seven hit night for Wright. Meredith Porthman proved an unholy terror, responsible for all four bludgers into the audience as well as seven hits against Slytherin players, including unseating both Grippah and Marsh. Both Keepers played well, particularly considering the violence leveled against them, with Gretchen Kaust saving 41 of 46 shots, and Izzy Iwamura saving 37 of 41. Official records state that 15 students were admitted to the hospital wing following the game.

Game 17: Ravenclaw 70, Gryffindor 20

In their third straight brutal loss, Gryffindor was eliminated from finals contention in a short and relatively civil match. Xia Lavine caught the snitch in the 10th minute, largely uncontested, and neither side played very aggressively at any point. Romulus Tigerbane scored 20 points for Ravenclaw, the only scorer of any significant note on either side. Meredith Porthman had no hits, but three blocks, as he played a solid defensive game. Neither keeper was worked exceptionally hard, and both played well throughout the match, unmolested by the recent rash of fouls and venting of frustrations that had claimed past matches. Archie Tolbein made 20 saves on 22 shots, while Izzy Iwamura stopped 19 of 21. With Gryffindor's defeat and elimination from contention, Hufflepuff clinched a spot in the final, matched against Ravenclaw for the Cup.

Game 18: Hufflepuff 110, Slytherin 40

Slytherin's season ends the way it began, and Artur Espinosa seals Hufflepuff's third consecutive victory over Slytherin, catching the snitch in the 26th minute. Ryan Rosell stole the show with a 50 point night, more than making up for her general lack of offensive support, while Avalon Marsh scored 30 points on the other end. Hufflepuff made up for a generally lackluster defense through a constant and fast-paced attack, causing problems for Slytherin's star beater pairing - Kieran Krum managed only 2 hits, and Ophelia Wright only 1, a fact that largely negated Slytherin's most significant advantage. Both Keepers played exceptionally well, with Gretchen Kaust making 66 saves on 72 shots, and Aedan Haddon making 45 of 49. The game was ultimately somewhat meaningless, as Slytherin had been mathematically eliminated two games earlier, and Gryffindor's defeat the prior night had already ensured Hufflepuff a place in the Cup final. Nevertheless, it featured aggressive and spirited play from both sides.

Game 19: Slytherin 140, Gryffindor 60

Gryffindor's freefall finally struck the bottom in the third place match, where Slytherin outplayed them across the field and throughout the match, culminating in Anthony Grippah's capture of the snitch in the 28th minute. With 60 points from Avalon Marsh, four hits and three blocks from Kieran Krum, and six hits from Ophelia Wright, Slytherin stormed the field repeatedly, and it was only the stellar play of Archie Tolbein that kept the match remotely close. Tolbein made 92 saves on 101 shots, in a spectacular showing of perseverance and skill, but ultimately fell short. Gretchen Kaust's play was comparatively pedestrian, but her 41 saves on 47 shots proved more than sufficient to secure third place for Slytherin, a position far better than could have been predicted midway through the season.

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Recent Quidditch Cup Victors

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  • 2091: Won by Gryffindor
  • 2090: Won by Slytherin
  • 2089: Won by Gryffindor
  • 2088: Won by Gryffindor
  • 2087: Won by Hufflepuff
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