Noemi Prideux

Personal Information

  • Name: Noemi Etienette Prideux
  • Age: Sixteen
  • Blood: Pure
  • Birthdate: May 9, 2076
  • Place of Birth: Toulouse, France
  • Occupation: Student

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 5'4
  • Weight: 132lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Romantic Green Eyes.



She struts like a peacock. Chirps like a bluebird. And stings like a scorpion when threatened. Although she does do a lot of talking its generally all about herself. When she does hear the good gossip she tends to keep it to herself unless given good reason not to. She's got more than two faces..On more levels than one. It all depends on the time of day. She's actually one of the nicer Slytherins but that doesn't mean she's nice by any other house standards. But isn't that almost all teen females?

School Information

  • Previous Schools: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for 1-3rd years.
  • Year: Sixth
  • House: Slytherin
  • Position: Slytherin Quidditch Team Beater
  • OWL Scores:
    • DADA - E
    • Potions - O
    • Charms - A
    • Transfiguration - O
    • Herbology - O
    • History of Magic - O
    • Astronomy - A
    • Ancient Runes - E
  • Classes:
    • Potions
    • Herbology
    • Charms
    • Defense
    • Transfiguration
    • Astronomy

Notable Skills

Noemi excels in song, violin, ballet, and rhythmic gymnastics. She has the look of someone who can be trusted and often uses that to her advantage. She'll blink the big green eyes and suck up every detail imaginable and use it whatever way it may benefit her or her loves best.

Magical Information

Potions, Ancient Runes, and Transfiguration are where Noemi is at her best while in all the rest she's quite average if not just above the bar. She's notably skilled in non-verbal spell casting as well. :} For lack of better words, Noemi's a wiz on a broomstick. She's gained balance through gymnastics and dance, only adding on once she got her first broom at a young age. Also with the help of gymnastics she's built up enough strength to be one of the few female beaters.

  • Patronus: Peacock


  • Wand: 10" Teak wand with a core of Quetzal Pinion.
  • Broom: Cleansweep Capitane.
  • Pet(s): Tagoo lizard named Fantine Juene. Make way for Fanny.
  • Other Belongings: A silver chain holding the symbol of Ankh toward the middle of her chest. This necklace is an important symbol for Noemi, emphasizing her fear of diminishing in importance upon her death and her love of the idea of eternal life. Along with a bunch of other unimportant things.

Brief History


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