Modern Brooms

These are the newest broom models available in 2092! Each description also includes several older models one may consider having.

  • Suisei 7: The newest broom manufactured by Suisei Broomsticks, the Suisei 7 is considered the fastest broom in the world, and is one of the most popular professional brooms on the market. With unmatched speed and good handling, the Suisei 7 suffers from a relative lack of stability - it is extremely hard to handle for inexperienced fliers. It is also extremely expensive, with the usual price topping two thousand galleons. Older models - particularly the Suisei 4, 5, and 6 - can be had for significantly less money with only a slight loss in terms of performance. The Suisei 7 is very difficult to get hold of due to its professional popularity. Ask permission before using one for your character.
  • Nimbus 2092: Yearly models are all the rage at Nimbus Racing Brooms, and 2092 is no exception! Though it isn't really any different from the Nimbus 2091 or the Nimbus 2090, the 2092 model is a respectable broom, heavily favored by teachers for its exceptional stability and good handling, even though Nimbus brooms are no longer considered particularly fast. The halcyon days of Nimbus manufacturing the world's finest racing brooms are gone, but the Nimbus 2092 is still a very good broom and well worth the five hundred galleon pricetag. Older models can be had for cheaper with little loss in performance.
  • Starfire Zeta: The sixth model in the Starfire series of brooms, produced by Ellerby and Spudmore, the Starfire Zeta is an excellent and well-balanced professional broom, combining very respectable speed, handling, and stability. Though Quidditch players more often favor the Awesomecat and the Suisei series, the Starfire Zeta has a decent market share and its fine quality assures it will be about for a long time yet. With an fifteen hundred galleon asking price, the Starfire Zeta is not cheap. Older recent models - Starfire Epsilon, Delta, and Gamma - are significantly cheaper, though the Epsilon is the only one that really holds up in the current market. Those seeking a true antique can still find the old Firebolt on sale, though it doesn't compare well with modern brooms.
  • Awesomecat: The Awesomecat is the debut market broom released by Calico Katya's Awesome Brooms, Ltd. Calico personally crafts and enchants every Awesomecat by hand in her shop in Bucharest - and she promises that her brooms are the finest in the world. Though not quite so fast as the Suisei 6 or Suisei 7, the Awesomecat handles like a dream, and is more nimble than any other broom on the market. Due to Calico's policy of handcrafting, it is also extremely expensive, with a three thousand galleon asking price, and it is very, very difficult to find. The waiting list to order one is currently six months long, with most of those on it professional Quidditch players and Aurors. Ask permission before using one for your character.
  • Cleansweep Capitane: The Cleansweep Capitane is the newest of the Cleansweep series of brooms, and the first to hit the market since the Cleansweep Bernier made a stir in professional circles in 2070. Like the Cleansweep Bernier, former professional seeker Jean-Paul Bernier personally endorsed the Capitane. It is a very well-balanced broom, coupling good speed, stability, and handling with more charms and protective measures than any reasonable person would ever consider necessary - Bernier himself has gone on record stating his broom can survive a Muggle atomic bomb and a Killing Curse both at once. He said nothing about the fate of the rider. The Capitane is moderately pricey, usually running in the range of twelve hundred galleons. The old Cleansweep Bernier can be had for less money, but doesn't have nearly so many charms on it… it could only survive a direct hit from a cruise missile!
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