Mazzy Lavine

Mazaren "Mazzy" Lavine was a central figure in the Auror War and later the Seven Month War. Still a student during the Destruction of Hogwarts, he wound up as Haruhi Kojima's protege, and his actions - along with those of Rebekah Addison, Ty Collins, and Jade Black - were instrumental in the winning of the war. Mazzy took part in several significant battles, and was personally responsible for the recovery of the Stone of Hindsight.

He was also among those who faced Kali Anmalyashonjir at the Gates of Anhuala, in the war's final confrontation.

After the war, Mazzy went through many career changes - he spent awhile drifting with Rebekah, before both became professors at Hanakotoba School of Magic, then under the jurisdiction of Headmistress Haruhi Kojima. Sometime during that stretch, the two were married. After several years teaching at Hanakotoba, both returned to the rebuilt Hogwarts, where they taught for some time. Their return prefaced the Seven Month War, and it was there that Mazzy died, assassinated by a man later revealed to be Everett Bell.

Mazzy and Rebekah had one child, Xia Lavine.


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