Maya Sevella

Maya Sevella was a Kalite operative during the Auror War and professor of Transfiguration at Rosecross Academy of Invocation from 1961 to 1964. She served as the right hand to Abigail Treslyn until her defection during the Battle of Rosecross, where she tipped the scales and ensured Treslyn's eventual defeat and surrender to Haruhi Kojima.

Sevella considered the headmistress, Jaina Marquette, to be a good friend, and before the battle she had grave reservations about initiating the planned coup. Though her objections were largely dismissed, Sevella remained loyal to Treslyn for several days before deciding that the death toll at Rosecross had become unacceptable. At this point, she sought out Marquette with sensitive information about Treslyn's battle plans. As Kojima acted on the new information, Sevella worked with Ty Collins to evacuate underclassmen trapped in the school to New York City.

After the battle, Sevella worked with the Wizard's Congress and the UK Ministry as an informant, earning immunity from prosecution by the war's end. Though she never returned to teaching, Sevella remained active in the Wizard's Congress, and was a vocal ally of the Rosecross administration for several decades.

She presently serves as the Deputy of Investigations to the Wizard's Congress, though many expect her to resign in the near future.


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