Mary March

Please use the following format when making your character.

Personal Information

  • Name: Mary
  • Age: 13
  • Blood: Muggleborn
  • Birthdate:4444
  • Place of Birth:5555
  • Occupation:Healing witch

Physical Appearance

<Description of your character's physical appearance here.>

  • Height:small
  • Weight:fat
  • Distinguishing Features:birthmark on the leg


<Description of your character's personality here.>It hardwork and loyal to house what ever sort house Hat put her In have cat but never pass first year

School Information

  • St Mary's School: <Start Hogwart at 11 years old
  • House: <Huffpruff.>
  • Year: <First year>
  • Position: < special position welcome the first years in, here.>
  • OWL Scores: <C>
  • Classes:

All First year class
++Talk to cats
< - nonmagical skills only, please.> kind and quiet and too Soffee she be walk over in past life.

Magical Information

<Description of your character's magical skills. Include any of the following that is applicable - patronus, animagus, metamorphmagus, powers and is whitleland


  • Wand: < wood wand.>
  • Broom: <See for a look at current brooms.>
  • Pets:cat called tabbey
  • Other Belongings:

fake wand

Brief History

< She just find out she witch but she was muggleborn and war star out Hogwarts she could not go back till war is over and at ages 13 years old she had retake first year class with 11 years old she was cussion to weasley family but she put in Hulfpruff House and she was loyal and hard work but she need learn have fun. Her Half-sister Sue October as be use magic bully on her in past this make lack confidece. She need best friend>

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