Lyllian Bethea

Personal Information

  • Name: Lyllian Ezra Bethea
  • Age: 16
  • Blood: Half-Breed [ Succubi ]
  • Birthdate: Feburary 5
  • Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Occupation: Student

Physical Appearance

Long ebony locks graces her heart-shaped facial structure with gun-metal blue eyes radiating a mysterious, seductive, hypnotizing stare into one's eyes; with a killer smile that could possibly strike a friendly chord in one's heart. Her figure slender, but in quite an athletic, lissome shape. Her skin, a mixture of creme vanilla colour, and nearly flawless and smooth. Her flesh has a phrase etched on to both of her forearms and translated in German, usually hidden by the long sleeves of her uniform or her modern day wear. There are other things that are permanently inked on her body, but it's simply concealed for the better.

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 130's
  • Distinguishing Features: Her eyes have the tendency to change it's colour to an amethyst colour when her Succubi abilities are active, and the sentence permanently scribbled on both forearms.


Like a good witch, Lyllian mastered manipulation at a tender age, and her cunning is top notch. Her mother was a Slytherin, and even though she died when Lyllian was three, her father says she has a lot of her in herself. It's a wonder that she stays noble. At times, she can be a tad too arrogant, considering she really doesn’t believe in humility, but it isn’t something she makes a habit of. Arrogance is something she doesn’t appreciate in other people, even if the wizarding world is full of wizards and witches like that and she has had to learn to tolerate people like these over the years.

Lyllian likes to do things well, putting effort into the job, always expecting the best results, therefore earning good points. Most of the time she’s sedate, if not teasing, and only angers when extremely provoked. Once Lyllian’s angry, you better run. She can't keep herself in check for long, and soon there are magic explosions going on, and if you don't take cover, you're bound to get hit with one of them.

Lyllian is brilliant at socializing. Perhaps it was because she grew up with four cousins (all of them male), that she is capable of relating to others extremely well. She's open and friendly most of the time and sometimes…a little too friendly. Her mother having died at a very young age, Lyllian didn't really have a strong female figure in her life, being surrounded by most of her cousins, so she never really experienced limits when it came to relationships. Perhaps it was the lack of knowledge in wrong or right, but Lyllian found herself tangled with wizards since she hit her eleven years. Sometimes she can be classified as overly friendly and she is aware of the whispers that go behind the back of hands, but that's the way she is, if people can't accept her for that, she's better off without them.

The friends that Lyllian has, comprehend her character well, and she’s fiercely loyal to them. Lyllian has a proud wall around her, and even though sometimes she can be a rather good procrastinator, she puts the effort into the things that interest her, that call to her. They're not that many, considering her focus during the years have shifted constantly.

Unlike most girls, Lyllian isn’t a romantic. She’s not into “that kind of stuff”. She practical about things, and doesn’t really daydream about Wizard Charming himself. Sure she appreciates some details, some gifts, but she doesn’t exactly tolerate being clingy and with a person the whole day. It is rare for her to display her affections publicly, and it makes her uncomfortable if her friends do. Perhaps it's because 'true love' hasn't come for her yet, but she's kind of skeptical about those things. You might never know, one day she might fall hard for someone and have her love life turn 180 degrees. She also hates being the third wheel in some things, so if she finds herself in that situation, she makes an excuse and leaves.

Not used to pessimism, but hating being a brilliant-faced optimist, Lyllian opts to be neutral and once again…practical. May happen to have sudden mood swings. Hates easily, laughs not so easily. Once a friend she will be forever one. She is accustomed to see both angles of life: optimistic and pessimistic, though sometimes it's hard to stay neutral. The only detonator Lyllian has is to criticize her. Hypocrisy is something that every female has mastered and has participated in, at least once in their lifetime, but it doesn’t make it any more tolerable for her.

Lyllian is aware of her physique. She knows that her sweet face will get her out of almost any trouble, something that benefits her manipulative side greatly. When it comes to lying, she won't bat an eye. It's not that she enjoys it, she just knows that it's a necessity. If you can't lie, then what do you have? It's something that you can control and you can turn it into your favour. It's one of her arms against anyone.

School Information

  • Previous Schools: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic [ First and Second Year ], Callisto Academy of Sorcerous Arts [ Third, Fourth, and Fifth Year. ]
  • House: Hufflepuff
  • Position: N/A
  • OWL Scores:

—Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
—Potions: O
—Astronomy: A
—Herbology: E
—Transfigurations: A
—Care of Magical Creatures: O
—Charms: O
—Divination: E
—Ancient Runes: E
—Muggle Studies: P

  • Classes:

—Defense Against the Dark Arts

Notable Skills

The teen knows about the human anatomy quite well, and very proficient in the acupuncture and acupressure field. Also as another input, she's quite capable of melee combat if it has to come to it if she's unable to use her wand and perform spells. She's rather musical in a sense that has her pouring her emotions into her precious synthesizer she has brought with her, along with her hands being gifted to play with clay and create it into a beautiful ceramic object.

Magical Information

Lyllian excels in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms that could either give her an advantage or disadvantage, and is has quite the knack of executing difficult charms that could: one, backfire or two, be a complete success. Lyllian may have the blood of a Succubi coursing in her veins, but she hasn't quite learned the full potentials of her abilities that she attains and struggles to learn more. Other than that, her gaze can ensnare people into a kind of hypnosis that they can willingly break free of, but that's only if they haven't been staring too deep and long into them. Lastly, flying is her third best skill in the magical category, but isn't quite as proficient.

—Patronus: Corporeal [ Giant Panda ]


  • Wand: 8" $3/4$ Weeping Willow with Dragon Whisker core.
  • Broom: Starfire Zeta
  • Pets: A Chocolate colored, Roan/Panda patterned ferret, Ro.
  • Other Belongings: She has a nifty synthesizer, pins and needles of all sorts, a silver-gold charm bound to her ankle and wrists which has some kind of magical quality that supresses her true abilities of what she half is, and an interesting device that resembles an earring allows her to understand other dialects. These dialects includes: French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese [Mandarin], Spanish, and lastly German.

Brief History

Rebecca Alice Bethea fell pregnant at the sweet age of sixteen, much to her parents dismay. She was far too young to be having a child they said, and how could she be totally sure she was ready for this much responsibility? Rebecca told her parents that she and Tobias were absolutely and completely in love and once she had had her child they would marry. Her parents could not understand her, but they would not willingly hurt her by forcing her to have an abortion and get rid of the child. The pregnancy past horrifically and slowly for Rebecca, her womb swelling to huge proportions. When seven months came, and Tobias finally realized what her pregnancy meant, he skipped off—leaving a hormonal, emotional pregnant sixteen year old girl for the Miller family to deal with. They all wanted to say I told you so to Rebecca, but seeing her so distraught no one had the heart to do it. Nine months dawned, and Rebecca’s water broke. They had a home birthing, and her parents were panicked and they were overjoyed—all unsurity was gone straight away. Unfortunately, in their distraction with the babies, they failed to notice their own daughter seemed to be undergoing unimaginable pain. Rebecca died of a heart attack brought on by undue emotional stress. The hysterically crying child had lost their their mother and father by the time she had entered the world.

Before her death, and halfway through her pregnancy, Rebecca had been deliberating on names and had come up with two possible choices—Lyllian or Ezra. It was decided, and in the hope that she would be as close as Rebecca. As time went by, they were passed along to Rebecca’s brother Joseph and his wife Florence, who were in their early twenties and wanting to have children. Lyllian was like a blessing to them, and was extremely well cared for in a supportive family—even though she did not have her actual biological parents around.

At the age of four, Lyllian had her first outburst of magic charming plants to follow her round in a circle because she thought it was pretty. The adults were totally overjoyed by all of this, and wondered how much more she could do. At the age of ten, Lyllian showed her first signs of magic by causing flowers to spring up all around her. There was ecstatic pleasure from everyone, and it was already clear from their quick minds, and inquisitive brains that she was bright. From then on, Lyllian attend the Beaubaxtons for simply two years, and then Callisto for three. Soon, she'd recieve a letter from the administration of Callisto to have her transfer and attend Hogwarts for her sixth year..and here it all begins.

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