Lief Ragnarsson

Lief Ragnarsson was the Head of the Auror Department of the Ministry of Magic for Scandinavia during the Auror War. One of only seven Scandinavian Aurors who remained loyal throughout the conflict, Ragnarsson is best remembered for his embarrassing failure at the Battle of Kordenjamr, and for his brief and largely unsuccessful foray into modeling a line of wizard's robes.

In the Battle of Kordenjamr, Ragnarsson led the fifth and final Ministry attempt to break the Siege of the Eddaset, only to be cut off from his escape and trapped by Kalite reinforcements. Ragnarsson himself barely managed to escape the ambush, and none of those in his charge left the field alive. The embarrassment cost him his position as Head of the Auror Department.

Later, in the war, he fought with distinction at the Battle of the Curtain and at the Battle of Tihra Klava, though neither effort earned him any respect in the post-war years.

After the war, he drifted from one line of work to the next: in the 2070s, he took to modeling a line of wizard's robes by Magisilk, and is widely considered to be the reason for Magisilk's failure to build a working business. He spent a brief time as an inspirational speaker, only to find few schools were interested in speeches from the man best remembered for the Ministry's worst defeat in the war. He even spent a time living among Muggles as a professional lookalike for a long-dead Hollywood actor.

Ragnarsson found some redemption in 2087, when he was asked to return to his post as Head of the Auror Department. He accepted the position, but resigned in 2091, citing a painful lack of discipline and a sense of entitlement in the new generation of Aurors. He currently makes his home in Godric's Hollow, and sells minor trinkets and good luck charms for a living.


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