Kurotori School Of Sorcery

The Kurotori School of Sorcery (黒鳥の分科の魔法) is a wizarding school located in Hokkaido.


Kurotori, like many wizarding schools, is an English-style boarding school - complete with inter-house competition in a House Cup and Quidditch Cup. The winner of the House Cup is sent to represent Kurotori against their chief rival, Hanakotoba School of Magic, in a yearly competition of magical skill. So far, Kurotori holds a 65-39 edge in their competition with Hanakotoba, fueled by a 35-year run of dominating their rival college during the younger school's infancy. Since then, the rivalry has been much more competitive.

Kurotori is one of the oldest wizarding schools in Asia, with a long and proud history and a tradition of excellence. Kurotori accepts only the best of the best, ushering the others off to Hanakotoba or to Nieling Arcane Academy, and it is not uncommon for students to be expelled from Kurotori for falling behind in the rigorous curriculum.

The school colors of Kurotori are black and red, the school crest is a black raven in profile on a red field.


Kurotori has five houses.

House Sakae

House Sakae is Kurotori's most successful house, both in the House Cup and in competition with Hanakotoba. Sakae students are generally prideful, insular, and extremely talented. The Sakae colors are black and gold, the Sakae crest is a golden sunburst on a black field.

House Kyouran

House Kyouran is Kurotori's most noted Quidditch house, producing both a long history of Quidditch Cup wins, and a remarkable number of professional players. Known for a devotion to hard work and a wide competitive streak, Kyouran students see themselves as natural leaders in the world. The Kyouran colors are black and sky blue, the Kyouran crest is a stylized sky blue thunderstorm on a black field.

House Iyoku

House Iyoku is noted for ruthless ambition - and has produced many career politicians and many Aurors of Kijushou. The Iyoku colors are black and orange, the Iyoku crest is an orange hand, palm-down and fingers spread, on a black field.

House Kyouko

House Kyouko is the least exclusive of Kurotori's houses, bearing the philosophy that strength comes from diversity and competition. The Kyouko colors are black and magenta, the Kyouko crest is a stylized magenta serpent, devouring it's own tail, on a black field.

House Iki

House Iki is by far the most exclusive of Kurotori's houses, requiring both an exceptional degree of talent and pure blood, though few wizards of mixed blood attend the insular Kurotori to start with. Iki espouses the belief that pure blood is a precursor to power, and power is the only morality. The Iki colors are black and white, the Iki crest is a white ribbon, coiling from border to border, on a black field.

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