Kristopher Mulins

Personal Information

  • Name: Kristopher James Mulins
  • Age: 16
  • Blood: Pureblood
  • Birthdate: October 29
  • Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado, USA.
  • Occupation:
    • Book Keeper at a Library during the Summer
    • Student

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 183 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: A tattoo in the dead center of chest – Heart with pins all over. Both nostrils pierced, one with a hoop one with a stud. Left side of bottom lip pierced. Tongue pierced. Both nipples pierced. Left ear gauged to a 2. Right ear adorned in Helix piercings, 7 to be exact.



When you talk to Kristopher, the first word to come to mind is: Asshole. He’s very blunt and doesn’t believe in sugar coating anything. He tends to seem bored or angry in most all situations and is rarely surprised with much of anything since becoming a wizard. Wicked brilliant student even at such a young age, he also tends to be lethargic. He was born in Denver, Colorado and raised there, growing up in the “ghetto” of things, which quickly toughened him up, so he’s ready to fight, but not stupid enough to do it when or where he will be caught. He’s either very quiet or, if he does talk, he doesn’t say much. He likes to stick with himself though he tends to hang out with the bullies of Hogwarts, though he could hardly call them his friends.. He comes off as heartless, as well, showing little to no empathy for anyone or anything. He’s, as previously stated, blunt and in turn makes him seem colder than most.

School Information

  • Previous Schools:
    • Rosecross Academy of Invocation (Years 1 and 2)
    • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Years 3 through 6)
  • House: Slytherin
  • OWL Scores:
    • Charms: O
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts: A
    • Potions: O
    • Transfiguration: A
    • Herbology: O
    • Study of Ancient Ruins: P
    • Care of Magical Creatures: A
    • History of Magic: E
    • Muggle Studies: E

Notable Skills

Believe it or not, Kristopher is a most excellent cook and tends to get praise for his writing abilities. He can also play acoustic guitar rather nicely, along with being able to sing, though only the closest of his family know this, namely just his mother and little sister.

Magical Information

Exceptionally excelled in Potions and Herbology, and a bit beyond his years in Charms.

  • Patronus: (corporeal) Raven


  • Wand: Camphor, 7in, Quetzal Pinion
  • Broom: Nimbus 2092
  • Pets: Black rat named Tonto, tawny owl named Godric.
  • Other Belongings: Kristopher keeps on his persona – his wand, leather jacket, brass knuckles necklace, a stiletto switchblade hidden amongst himself, and namely, that’s it.

Brief History

Born and raised in Denver Colorado, it was a month before he turned eleven that he was accepted into Rosecross Academy of Invocation, up until the day he was twelve, transferring to Hogwarts, where his parents were taught – and solely transferred for that purpose. He lives his summers with his mother and little sister, who is seven years younger than he is. His parents divorced when he was the mere and simple age of eight and after that, he spent weekends with his father. There isn’t much to say about him other than he’s his own person and wouldn’t change for anyone. Being a book keeper in a library, he’s found to be quiet unless he feels that there is something to say. His entire life, he knew he was a wizard and his entire life and frankly, it wasn’t hard to keep from the muggles surrounding him. Well, being an angry kid, making stuff happen doesn’t count! .. Does it? He likes baseball and goes out of his way to teach his sister all that he knows about the muggle sport and other muggle-like things so she knows to keep herself out of what and who and where and why. Though he cares little for many people, his little sister is his world, of course, he probably would never admit it aloud.

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