Kaust Rules

Rules dictate order, order is good. Rules create discipline, discipline is good. Rules are for balance and control, control is good.

  1. No loitering in the halls, if you are caught lingering in the halls for more than the allowed amount of time (no more than ten minutes[ICly that is equivalent to 2-3 posts between two characters]) you will be disciplined.
  2. A group of three or more students is a mob, if you are found in a ‘mob’ you will be disciplined.
  3. There are to be no public displays of affection. Holding hands, kissing, touching one another in any way that is deemed "affectionate" is unacceptable. Any students found publicly displaying affection, will be disciplined.
  4. All inbound and outbound mail is directly routed to the Owlry and each package and letter is to be thoroughly investigated. Any items deemed to be unsafe or hazardous to the education of students will be confiscated.
  5. Pets are to be kept confined to students' dormitories. If a student is found carrying around their pet or playing with their pet outside of their dorm rooms, they will be disciplined.
  6. The Restricted Section of the Library is purely Out of Bounds, children are not permitted to check out texts from the Restricted Section without a thorough interview and express permission from Fraulein Kaust herself. Any student found in the Restricted Section or reading any volumes from the Restricted Section, will be disciplined.
  7. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner times are strictly enforced, if you are not within the Great Hall at the time meal is served, you will not be served. In addition to this rule, if anyone is found with food outside of the Great Hall, they will be disciplined. You will eat in the Great Hall during meals or you will not eat at all.
  8. Curfew is 9:00pm. Students are to be escorted to their Houses directly after dinner. Any student caught breaking curfew or leaving their House after dinner will be disciplined.
  9. Class time is strictly enforced, if you are found outside of your class during class time you will be disciplined. If you are late to class you will be disciplined.
  10. Education is of the highest importance. Students will study and learn to the best of their capabilities. If a student is found skipping or missing class or failing to maintain a grade above E, they will be disciplined.
  11. Spell working outside of classroom situations are punishable offenses, if you are caught practicing magic outside of sanctioned areas you will be disciplined.
  12. Your wand must be worn in a visible place; if you are caught hiding your wand you will be disciplined.
  13. You must walk with proper posture. To encourage this, groups underneath the care of the staff will be marched to and from class areas.
  14. You will not walk outside student designated areas, if you are caught outside of these areas at any time you will be disciplined. The list of student designated areas are as follows:
    • Various Courtyards and corridors throughout the grounds - These courtyards are only to be used for travel between classes. If students are found congregating in the courtyards (or corridors) between classes or in their free time, they will be disciplined.
    • The Library - This area is to be used for study only. If students are found congregating in a way that might impede the studying process, they will be disciplined.
    • The Quidditch Pitch - Students may only occupy the Quidditch Pitch during games. When games are not in session, the only students to occupy the Pitch are the Quidditch Players themselves. Anyone found on the Quidditch Pitch that is not part of a team (when games are not in session) will be disciplined.
    • The Owlry - Children are only to occupy the Owlry on Saturdays from 4pm-5pm. If you miss the chance to contact your family on this day, you will simply have to wait until the following week to contact them. Any student found in The Owlry outside of this designated time period, will be disciplined.
    • Classrooms - Students may not congregate in empty classes. Class time is to be used for learning from designated Professors. Any students found in unused classrooms or attempting to teach any classes of their own will be disciplined.
    • The Great Hall - The Great Hall is to be used for meal times only. Students found congregating in the Great Hall outside of meal times will be disciplined.
    • The Black Lake - This area is Out of Bounds. Any students lingering near or around the Black Lake will be disciplined.
    • The Forbidden Forest - As always, this area is Out of Bounds for students. If any student is caught in or around The Forbidden Forest, they will be disciplined.
    • Common Rooms - Children may only use their common rooms during free times and breaks between classes (This is, essentially, the only safe area for students to intermingle).

Disciplinary action can take many forms. After three offenses you will be determined as a problem case. Problem cases are taken to a special class for extra training in the arts of control, respect, and discipline. If you are caught breaking these or any of Hogwarts pre-established rules you will be held in detention for a determined amount of time.

If you wish to join the Patrol (also called Judgment) in order to keep Hogwarts a safe and balanced environment please inquire to Headmistress Fraulein Kaust. The Patrol is a dedicated group of student figures who monitor and watch the hallways for rule breakers. These beings have the power to subdue rule breakers by any means necessary, this includes the usage of magic. If you attempt to avoid, disobey, attack, or disrupt the order created by said Patrol you will be subjected to discipline. Depending on the offense depends on the level of punishment.

These rules are subjected to change and moderation by their creator.

To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is unacceptable.

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