Kali Anmalyashonjir

Kali Anmalyashonjir was an Auror and the primary instigator of both the Auror Insurrection and the Auror War. Her Kalite followers were later responsible for the onset of the Seven Month War. In her early career, she was considered an exceptionally talented witch, and most assumed she was destined for great things within the Himalayan Auror Department. She proved destined for great things, but few could have foreseen what she would bring about.

Masterfully working her charms on Aurors throughout the world, at the age of 23 Kali launched the Insurrection, backed by thousands of Aurors from every Ministry and magical authority known to exist. Her attempted coup lasted four months, and ultimately failed - the betrayal of one of her key lieutenants, Haruhi Kojima, effectively ended her, as Kojima took a great deal of very sensitive information to Kijushou.

Armed with intimate knowledge of the Auror's plans and movements, the ministries struck back hard, and most of Kali's followers were severely reprimanded. In the aftermath, the Auror departments were limited greatly in scope and authority.

Kali was assumed dead, but she reappeared decades later for the Auror War, where she was responsible for the theft of the Seeing Stones, which she used to find the location of the Gates of Anhuala in a bid for eternal life and endless power. She was stopped at the Gates by an unlikely group of students - Mazzy Lavine, Rebekah Addison, Ty Collins, and Jade Black - and she died there in combat.

Other than the noise made by her horcrux during the Seven Month War, Kali has been relegated to the status of history since. It is generally agreed that while she is unlikely to have another horcrux, the possibility cannot be ruled out.


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