Junichiro Matsukawa

Junichiro Matsukawa was the headmaster of Kurotori School of Sorcery during the Auror War. He was most notable for leading the revolt that turned Kurotori, and later Kijushou, over to Kalite control.

Before the war, Matsukawa was a well-respected professor of Charms, and later Headmaster, at Kurotori. His slightly eccentric nature and occasional violent outbursts earned him the adoration and fear of his students in turn - he was certainly well-liked, but more than a few students ended up in the medical wing after attending his classes. He continued teaching Charms even as Headmaster, and was a vocal supporter of the Chikarakurabe, determined to reassert Kurotori's dominance over Hanakotoba School of Magic.

After the war, Matsukawa was arrested and tried for conspiracy. He was found guilty, and was the first sentenced to a particularly vicious post-war punishment: his memory was wiped, his wand was snapped, and he was turned loose in Tokyo with no papers, no memories, and no name.


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