Julio Ruiz

Julio Ruiz was headmaster of Sivanpara Wizarding Institute between 2056 and 2064. He was deposed before the Battle of Sivanpara by his trusted deputy, the Kalite agent Javier Cordoba. Ruiz was not killed by Cordoba - in a rather unusual move, Cordoba allowed Ruiz and any students who didn't wish to stay under the new Kalite leadership of the school to flee.

Ruiz took the opportunity, and led a substantial majority of the student body back to the nearby city of Salvador. He did not take any further part in the war, a fact that led some contemporaries to call his courage into question, but most historians agree that his actions in leading the students away from the school saved hundreds of lives.

After the war, Ruiz rose to prominence as the Minister of Magic for Brazil, a post he held from 2068 to 2080, when he was succeeded by Luis Marra. He died peacefully of age in 2083.


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