Javier Cordoba

Javier Cordoba was a Kalite agent, and the deputy headmaster at Sivanpara Wizarding Institute from 2059 to 2064, when he deposed Julio Ruiz and established his own control at the school. Cordoba's revolt met a snag, as the expected simultaneous capture of the Ministry of Magic for Brazil failed - and left him as a belligerent in a stone castle in Bahia without prospect of reinforcement.

Cordoba did not wish for a violent revolution in Brazil, and he allowed the students who did not agree with his cause - as well as the professors and the deposed Ruiz - to leave for Salvador.

When Mazzy Lavine and his followers arrived, representing Ministry interests, Cordoba attempted to reach a diplomatic compromise. This ultimately failed, as he was killed by his lieutenant Gabriela Rosario near the end of the meeting, which led directly to the Battle of Sivanpara.

Javier Cordoba is typically remembered as a reluctant Kalite, an inaccurate caricature: he was devoutly loyal to Kali's cause, something he attempted - and failed - to balance with his pacifist ideals.


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