James Karroll

James Nathanial "Jackington" Karroll is the Minister of Magic for the United Kingdom, a venerable and well-liked wizard with a slightly grandfatherly reputation. The successor to Archibold Herring, Karroll is actually nearly a decade older than his predecessor, and it is widely rumored that he will step down from his post at the 2094 Quidditch World Cup in Glasgow.

Karroll, like many of the top Ministry officials, distinguished himself in the Auror War. His arrival was instrumental in the victory at the Battle of Godric's Hollow, and he was a key negotiator in brokering the final peace agreement at the Anhuala Accords.

While his magical and diplomatic skills are both noteworthy, Karroll's regime has not been marked by the throwing of his political (or personal) weight: he has largely allowed the heads of the Ministry Departments to keep things running smoothly, focusing his own attention on the improvement of education at Hogwarts and on increasing cooperation and exchange between the world's wizarding schools.


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