Jaina Marquette

Jaina Marquette was the headmistress of Rosecross Academy of Invocation from 2055 to 2072. During the Auror War, she was challenged for authority by the Kalite Abigail Treslyn, but held the school with the help of Haruhi Kojima, Ty Collins, and the defected Kalite Maya Sevella.

Aside from her role at the Battle of Rosecross, Marquette took little part in the war, only appealing to the Wizard's Congress that coordination with the other magical authorities of the world was necessary to ensure the survival of the rule of law. Though the Wizard's Congress never actively joined the war effort after putting down the insurrection at Rosecross, several members - at Marquette's behest - did work to fuel information and supplies to Ministry forces elsewhere in the world.

Marquette retired in 2072, at the age of 91. She died in 2080. Her son, Alphonse Marquette, has served as headmaster of Rosecross since 2088.


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