Jade Black

Jade Black is an Auror serving in the Ministry of Magic for the United Kingdom, a former professor of Potions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and was a major figure in both the Auror War and the Seven Month War.

One of Mazzy Lavine's companions, Black was among the students recruited by Haruhi Kojima for her mission in the Auror War. Among the most skeptical of Kojima's actual intentions, Black nevertheless fulfilled her roles admirably, serving with distinction at numerous battles. She was part of the failed counterattack at the Battle of Kurotori, fought in the indecisive final days of the Battle of Kordenjamr, and was instrumental in the winning of the Battle of Tihra Klava. She was also among the four who personally confronted Kali Anmalyashonjir at the Gates of Anhuala, along with Lavine, Rebekah Addison, and Ty Collins.

After the war, Black served as an Auror for several years, a choice that proved unpopular with several of her friends, who had grown rather hardened to the workings of the Ministry over the course of the fighting. She eventually stepped down from her Auror position to accept a professorial role at Hogwarts, but was dragged back into the role of Auror by the onset of the Seven Month War.

Black is an Auror of some rank today, and her repertoire is among the more impressive at the Department. Though they never married, Black and Collins were known to have a very close relationship, and they had a daughter - Hanna Collins - in 2076.


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