Haruhi Kojima

Personal Information

  • Name: Haruhi Kojima (formerly Haruhi Aoyagi)
  • Age: 64
  • Blood: Impure, her mother was Bisan
  • Birthdate: 1 January
  • Place of Birth: Inasa, Japan
  • Occupation: Professor (current); Auror, professor, statesman, Headmaster of Hanakotoba, military advisor to Kijushou (former)

Physical Appearance

Haruhi does not look like a 64 year old woman; most would say she barely looks 30. She is a hard-edged woman with sharp features defined by a life of conflict; her eyes are dark like stormclouds and coldly perceptive, her hair dark brown and always neatly trimmed, her build (though slight) is strong and whiplike. Haruhi is beautiful in the way a paper wasp is beautiful, pleasant to look at but obviously dangerous to any onlooker.

  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of a butterfly-like wasp with wings outstretched across her shoulders.



Haruhi takes no prisoners, gives no quarter, expects none in return. Vicious intensity is all one can get from her and the only attitude she much respects. Often mercurial and impossible to understand she sometimes shows flashes of a human side; pushing people towards ends she views as for their own benefit. More often however Haruhi follows her instincts, the ones that tell her to favor many over few, choose dispassionate logic over emotion, avoid close contact to not set up conflicts of interest. Haruhi is pragmatic; so long as her ends are achieved she does not much care what or who has to burn on the way.

School Information

  • Previous Schools: Haruhi was educated wholly at Hanakotoba. She has taught at Hogwarts once before and also served as Headmaster of Hanakotoba for four years.
  • House: Haruhi was a member of House Manjushage at Hanakotoba
  • Position: Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • NEWT Scores: Charms O, Transfigurations O, Defense Against the Dark Arts O, Potions E, Herbology E, Divination A, Astronomy O, Care of Magical Creatures O, Ancient Runes O, Muggle Studies E

Notable Skills

Haruhi is an analytical and brilliant woman; her mind every bit as strong a weapon as her magic. Her tactical and strategic talent are well-known after her exploits both during the Auror Insurrection and the Auror Wars. She is additionally an eminently capable fighter unarmed and with swords, staves, spears, and archery; all things she insists on teaching to her students. She is athletic, both very strong and very quick though those who know of it realize this is a product of her blood more than of her own efforts.

Magical Information

Haruhi was the consummate auror for much of her life. She is as such a profound duelist, possibly the finest of her time; an exemplary flier; a capable cursebreaker; an extremely knowledgeable scholar of things magical. From her Bisan blood she has a handful of tricks that have aided her greatly, the most important being her kinesthetic and tactile awareness, both far beyond the upper limit of human capacity. Her senses are sharp to the point she sometimes seems prescient despite having no gift at all for any sort of divination or precognition.

  • Patronus: Paper wasp (corporeal)


  • Wand: 9.25", teak, bisan wingvein
  • Broom: Suisei 7
  • Pets: Nekodama named Keiko
  • Other Belongings: A photo album chronicling all the people she has met from her first year with the Kijushou Auror Department to her time as Headmaster of Hanakotoba

Brief History


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