Hanna Collins Black

Personal Information

  • Name: Hanna Collins Black
  • Age: 15
  • Blood: Not pure
  • Birthdate: December 19
  • Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington (Grew up in the Romanian/Hungarian forests)
  • Occupation: Your regular racketeering student

Physical Appearance

Tall, slender and strong, though perhaps not as strong as she would like to be, with light creamy smooth petal-rose complexion! Standing a nice height at just fifteen, Hanna revels on looking different. Black hair, one red eye and one turn-color blue, she really got the best of both worlds(at least in her view anyway).

  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 131 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Features:

She now has the same tattoos her mother had when she was her age, Hanna on her left wrist and some of her father's favorite runs on her right(purely aesthetic).



Hanna is outspoken and loud, she likes to be friendly and nice but at the same time competitive with half the world because that’s just the way she is. Obnoxious at times, Hanna can be rather rude with the bluntness but she DOES take into consideration other’s feelings, at least half of the time. She’s loyal to those she loves and to some extent to those she admires and her hopes and aspirations… are to actually one day step out of her parents’ shadow. She also dwells into the ever amazing work of freelance hooliganism and making progress in her inventions for useless things that you JUST need!

School Information

  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Position: Beater
  • O.W.L Classes:
    • Transfiguration:
    • Charms:
    • Potions:
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts:
    • Herbology:
    • History of Magic:
    • Care of Magical Creatures:
    • Ancient Runes:

Notable Skills

Since her dad is muggle born, she knows her way with electronics, mom made her study Japanese and some Slavic languages including Russian, English from dad, and Spanish because it sounds funny. So, polyglot, a fair cook(sure hell better than her mom) and an awesome flower arranger!(Don’t ask)

Magical Information

Her father is Tyler Collins Headmaster of Hogwarts after the Auror Wars and rebuilder of Hogwarts after its destruction in the 50s. Her mother, Auror and Potions Professor Jade Black part taker in the fight against Kali. Both parents were followers of Mazarene Lavine Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher/hooligan extraordinaire! Yay! Now for her… Hanna is a student that tries…she averages Es on her tests and excels in Tranfiguration… yeah with a mother that thought she would excel in Potions right? Well, Hanna puts her efforts into her “inventions” so far she has about 19 patents for useful havoc wreak—- ahhh.. for useful party making (yeah) devices!

  • Patronus: Non-Corporeal (is practicing)


  • Wand: 10 ¾” ,Ebony, harpy hair core, rigid
  • Broom:Starfire Epsilon
  • Pets: Hawk- Named Red
  • Other Belongings: Hmmm. .. several cauldrons, few beater bats(a muggle baseball bat) and some swimming gear!

Brief History++

Hanna was raised by both her parents in a lovely home in Washington U.S.A and Hungary traveling back and forth between the two place. Oddly enough it never seemed like a drag. After she turned eight things started to settle down and her family permanently moved to Seattle. Then she got her letter from Hogwarts and her parents were delighted to have her go there. Pretty fun stuff. Hmm… yeah, not a whole lot to tell.

Was sent to detention by professor Valen, since then, she has not been the same…

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