Gloriana Boulstridge

Personal Information

  • Name | Gloriana Boulstridge
  • Age | 17
  • Blood | Half-Blood
  • Birth date | February 23
  • Place of Birth | St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK
  • Occupation | Student
  • Career Aspirations | Healer or Mediwitch

Physical Appearance

A seemingly average student, Gloriana’s physical appearance is about as ordinary as it gets. Her long, dark, auburn hair and bangs frame her fair skin and beneath her bangs are a pair of rich, mahogany irises. She has a slender body type and a moderately pretty face, as do most of her peers, which makes her stand out even less. However, Gloriana takes pride in keeping herself well-groomed and perfectly kempt. Her dark auburn tresses are always perfectly coiffed and if a hair seems out of place, it is quite often meant to be. She is meticulous about her looks, keeping her nails neatly manicured and her complexion flawless with regular cleaning. Her clothing is just as well-maintained, perfectly tailored to her body’s specifications and with the proper amount of modesty. If one were to look at Gloriana at a glance, they might not notice how perfectly folded the pleats of her skirt or how devoid of even the smallest fiber of lint her robes were. But those who know her would say that she is obsessive about her appearance as she is about her school work.

  • Height | 5'6
  • Weight | 132 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features | A birthmark on her left thigh that strangely resembles the continent of Africa, if you were to look at it upside down, that is. It even has a thin mark on the left side of its tail, similar to Madagascar.



Her well-kept physical traits can easily be attributed to her obsessive compulsive idiosyncrasies. Gloriana likes her things exactly the way she likes them and often rearranges other peoples’ things to her liking without their knowledge. She is very well-organized and unbelievably cleanly. She bathes twice a day and brushes her teeth in the morning after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner, having gone so far as to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in her bag for just such occasions as well as floss. Though the house elves provide cleaning services as part of their duties at Hogwarts, Gloriana often takes it upon herself to launder her clothes in her own special way. You really haven’t seen OCD until you’ve met Gloriana. Very few people see her as being amiable, and other students are more likely to see her as a goody-two-shoes or a complete jerk all around. But it’s all about perception. Can she really help it if she’s blunt?

School Information

  • House | Ravenclaw
  • Position | Head Girl (reinstated)
  • O.W.L. Scores
    • Charms | E
    • Potions | O
    • Herbology | E
    • History of Magic | A
    • Defense Against The Dark Arts | E
    • Astronomy | A
    • Transfiguration | O
    • Arithmancy | D
  • Classes | Schedule
    • Breakfast
    • Double Potions
    • Herbology
    • Break
    • Transfiguration
    • Lunch
    • Break
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • Charms
    • Free time
    • Dinner

Notable Skills

As you can imagine, Gloriana is quite skilled in organization and neatness. She is often complimented on her penmanship and punctuality, though rarely received from students. Something that her peers are unaware of, is her remarkable talent for drawing. A perfectionist by nature, though, Gloriana is rarely satisfied with her work which may explain the reason so few people are privy to that information.

Magical Information

Gloriana’s impeccable organizational skills and her devotion to her school work make her an excellent student. She is incredibly deft at most subjects with the exception of Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. Gloriana does not own a broom, but when she has flown, she has done so fairly and without complication. But her most notable magical abilities lie in the worlds of Potions and Transfiguration. She has proven to be one of the brightest and most deft students in these two specific areas of study. Also, should you ever find yourself beaten or bloodied from a scuffle, Gloriana is well-versed in healing magics. Should you like to avoid the Hospital Wing for a minor injury, she's your girl.

  • Patronus | (corporeal) Fox
  • Animagus | (registered) A Corsac fox with a distinctive darkening on its left flank that bears an uncanny resemblance to Africa and its neighboring island Madagascar, but upside down.


  • Wand | Myrtle, 12”, Phoenix feather
  • Pets | Great Horned Owl by the name of Archimedes.
  • Other Belongings | She often carries antibacterial gel, hand wipes, and tissues in her school bag. Better to be safe than sorry. She also carries around a sketchbook from time to time, though it is a rare sight that you would find her doodling instead of studying. But it does happen on occasion.

Brief History

Until the age of eleven, Gloriana lived a fairly generic life with her muggle father and her witch mother. Or as normal as can be expected of a child of both worlds. And when she was eleven she received her acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Her parents were as ecstatic as any would be and she left home in September to attend the prestigious wizarding school. The Sorting Hat had scarcely been placed on her head before shouting “RAVENCLAW!” Applause erupted and she took her seat at the long table adorned with blue and bronze runners. Her school life had been adequate and she exceeded the expectations of both her peers and her teachers. However, in the Spring of her third year, Gloriana’s mother died shortly after a freak accident occurred while she was working in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. As if Gloriana had not been distant enough beforehand with her schoolwork, her mother’s death caused her to be even less social. In her fifth year she was made Prefect and before the term began for her seventh year, she received the news that she had been made Head Girl. Her father might have been proud, if he weren’t tangled up in the arms of an awful muggle woman. They are to be married in the next Spring, and plans have left Gloriana without the desire to return home for the holidays.

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