Gabriela Rosario

Gabriela Rosario was an agent of Kali Anmalyashonjir during the Auror War, particularly notable for her role in the Battle of Sivanpara, where she killed her direct superior - Javier Cordoba - before seizing control of the Kalite forces there and leading the fight against the Ministry of Magic for Brazil.

Distrustful of her superior, Cordoba, Rosario believed his merciful streak to be a direct threat to the global effort of the war. When he agreed to let a troupe of Ministry representatives - headed by Mazzy Lavine - walk away, she decided he was unfit for command, killed him, and ordered an attack on Lavine's followers. Though most of them escaped the fighting, Rosario cornered and killed Kyose Irokawa.

She also led the defense against the Ministry attack later that day, and though her forces were mostly destroyed, they did enough damage to the Ministry's interests to force a withdrawal, and Rosario held Sivanpara Wizarding Institute at the day's end.

Sivanpara remained a de facto stronghold for the Kalites, under Rosario's control, until Kali's death in 2066. Rosario refused to cede the school even then, and was killed when Ministry Aurors stormed the ruins of Sivanpara.


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