Erasmus Thornton

Personal Information

  • Name: Erasmus Mircea Thornton
  • Age: Sixteen
  • Blood: Pure
  • Birthdate: June 30, 2076
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Place of Birth: Coventry, England

Physical Appearance

    • Chaser's build – tall and slim.
    • Aristocratic features.
    • Very pale.
    • Dark coloring.
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 212 Lbs.
  • Distinguishing Features: Long-ish black hair.


    • Extremely aggressive and enigmatic.
    • Brilliant student when left to his own devices.
    • Ambitious and analytical to a fault.
    • Nasty, semi-violent temperament.
    • Possessive and prone to jealousy.
    • Spiteful, with a dark sense of humor.
    • Prefers solitude, as a general rule, although he loves to observe others.
    • Sarcastic beyond belief.
    • Possesses razor edged wit, although silver-tongued when necessary.
    • Infuriatingly cryptic.
    • Arrogant, vain, and impossible to ignore.

School Information

  • Previous Schools: Just Hogwarts, thanks.
  • House: Slytherin
  • Position: Chaser
  • O.W.L. Scores:
    • Transfiguration: E
    • Muggle Studies: D
    • Astronomy: E
    • Potions: O
    • History Of Magic: A
    • Charms: E
    • Herbology: A
    • Arithmancy: E
    • Defense Against The Dark Arts: O
    • Care Of Magical Creatures: P
  • Classes:
    • Charms
    • Potions
    • Astronomy
    • Arithmancy
    • Transfiguration
    • Defense Against The Dark Arts

Notable Skills

    • He'd be denied Sainthood, that's for damn certain.
    • Smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, and swears like a sailor. Frequently.
    • Good with mechanics and electronics in spite of his blood.
    • Collects, restores, and races motorcycles.
    • Plays guitar well, but is far better as singing.
    • Good Keeper, Better Chaser.
    • Notorious flirt.
    • Fantastic writer…not that anyone will ever be allowed to read anything.

Magical Information

    • Patronus is corporeal. Jaguar.
    • Average student, although it's lack of interest, not intelligence that does him in.
    • Loves to duel, although it tends to land him in detention.
    • God awful at healing magic. So don't come bleeding on him.
    • Mildly precognitive.


  • Wand: Dragon heartstring, Ash, 11 ¼ Inches.
  • Broom: Suisei 6
  • Pets: White boa constrictor with golden eyes named Lethalis. The snake is more commonly called Lethe, though.
  • Other Belongings: A set of two-way mirrors, self-shuffling playing cards, various prank goods, a broom servicing kit, and several other odds and ends.

Brief History

Why in Merlin's name would you want to know that? He's only sixteen, and you've all been there with him for the past five years…

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