Episode 3 - "Cast Into Darkness"

Characters Introduced




Key Events

  • Discovery of the Blue Man's identity, and the backgrounds of Fraulein Kaust and Chester Flutey.
  • Warnings from other schools, including the sudden power shift at Durmstrang.
  • Attack on Hogsmeade and the Valentines Day Massacre.
  • Arrival of Ministry Aurors.
  • Chester Flutey's resignation, and Kaust's induction as Headmistress.
  • Death of Chester Flutey.


  • Keeping with their tradition of rabble-rousing and mischief-making, a number of students - headlined by Izzy Iwamura, Xia Lavine, Gloriana Boulstridge, Avalon Marsh, and Evangeline Calcifer - make some unnerving discoveries by raiding key offices: Chester Flutey is confirmed to be the Thin Man, a name he took in his youth while in league with Erik Calutain - a disciple of Kali who called himself the Blue Man. It is also revealed that Chester often consorted with Kali's followers in his youth, before making his allegiance to the Ministry clear during the Auror War. Fraulein Kaust, meanwhile, is revealed to be a dead woman - she went missing for two years before resurfacing, and every position she's held has been prefaced by the death or disappearance of her predecessor under mysterious circumstances.
  • At Izzy's behest, several students - including Huian Lee and Kieran Krum - consult acquaintances from schools they attended before Hogwarts. They get a bleak picture, and it becomes clear that Hogwarts is not the only school threatened: a recent power struggle deposed the old Headmaster of Durmstrang, replacing her with a young man named Johan Trachtenberg. Meanwhile, at Baidao College of Witchcraft, there are whispers of terrible beasts stalking the mountains, and students have been placed under a very strict curfew, barred even from leaving for traditional visits to Shuyang.
  • On February 14, 2093, a Hogsmeade weekend visit goes terribly wrong in what quickly becomes known as the Valentines Day Massacre. Though the chaos and uncertainty has created wildly divergent accounts of what happened, a few facts are absolutely clear: Hogsmeade was attacked, and burned to the ground with Fiendfyre. Dozens of students are injured, and two - Rafer Saint-John and Jedan Culmo - are dead. At least nineteen residents of Hogsmeade are dead, with nearly thirty others still unaccounted for. By all accounts, the first blow in the war has been struck - but the enemy is unknown, and the motives are unclear.
  • Shortly after the massacre at Hogsmeade came another bombshell for the faculty and student body at Hogwarts: in a chaotic and very brief announcement at the evening meal of February 17th, Chester Flutey abruptly resigned, revealing that one of the perpetrators of the massacre had been captured… his brother, Theodore Flutey. Hayden Kaust was announced as his successor, a move that clearly bothered much of the faculty, and drew more than one spectacular outburst from the student body. Kaust's reign immediately turned downhill, as she inducted Judgment and implemented the 'Kaust Rules'. Within the first week, several students went missing, and many of those who could afford to transferred to other schools.
  • On March 3rd, 2093, Chester Flutey returned to Hogwarts - though not in his capacity as Headmaster. Bearing a magical hammer and apparently nearly insane, he stormed into the Great Hall halfway through dinner, demanding to "see him", insisting that "this is wrong, and I need to set it right". He was confronted by Headmistress Kaust and Haruhi Kojima, but the encounter took a turn to the south when a contingent of Ministry Aurors, led by Erik Calutain, stormed the Great Hall after him. Flutey was killed in the chaos that followed, and there were numerous injuries - and in the aftermath, neither Calutain's aurors nor the hammer Flutey had wielded were anywhere to be found.
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