Episode 2 - "Thirteen Candles"

Characters Introduced




Key Events

  • Return of Chester Flutey
  • Student's meeting at the Black Lake
  • Discovery of the disappearance of the Merfolk
  • Fall of the Tattooed Man
  • Escape of the Tattooed Man, and the disappearance of the nurse
  • Fire in the Forbidden Forest, and the Library raid
  • Return of the Tattooed Man and the Nurse, and the Halloween Prophecies


  • Chester Flutey returned as unexpectedly as he left, giving little explanation as to where he had been or what he'd been doing. He assured the students and faculty, in a truly memorable speech that will surely go down in history as an oratory masterpiece, that he had seen to their safety - and that Hogwarts' walls would not be breached by the dark forces that waited beyond.
  • Unsatisfied with Flutey's blanket assurances, Izzy Iwamura called a second meeting of students, this one held at the Black Lake. Tipped off by Haruhi Kojima, Izzy planned to attempt speaking with the merfolk, to see if they had any valuable information. His plan was not met without resistance, as both Anthony Grippah and Gloriana Boulstridge showed reservations, with Grippah ultimately opting out entirely, after a fair bit of debate.
  • Despite the disagreement and lively discussion on the subject, many of the students chose to help Izzy, and the original plan was modified and expanded to provide both cover and pretext for a small handful of students to seek out the merfolk in the dead of night. Their investigation could be called fruitful, after a sense - seeking out the Mer-Village yielded a new development that, to many, would prove entirely disturbing: the Black Lake's population of merfolk had fled, leaving their settlement barren and empty.
  • With no clear answers regarding the disappearance of the Merfolk, something else was dropped in the lap of Hogwarts' students and staff - quite literally. In the immediate aftermath of the Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw quidditch match, a man fell from the sky. Middle-aged, unconscious, and naked, the man was immediately a mystery - and more curious were the tattoos that covered his entire body, constantly changing and shifting and melting into new shapes. Only one set of tattoos was static - a ring, composed of thirteen candles, tattooed across his back.
  • Three days after his fall, the Tattooed Man vanished from the infirmary, along with the school nurse. Though the infirmary was left in shambles, marred by gouts of fire and clearly the site of a magical struggle, no immediate clues could be found as to the whereabouts of the missing persons. To make matters more unsettling, the destruction of the infirmary and disappearance of its occupants occurred under constant surveillance - yet nobody noticed the state of the hospital wing until after the Tattooed Man and the nurse had already gone.
  • When everything seemed to be calming down, at least a little, disaster struck. The Forbidden Forest was set aflame, and it took much of the faculty nearly six hours to bring the blaze under control. When the fires died down, there was no sign of intelligent life remaining in the forest - everything from the centaurs to the acromantulas had fled. There were, however, signs of a break-in at Hogwarts: the Library had been ransacked, and dozens of books stolen. Most of them were old histories, seemingly innocuous, and the motive behind the theft remained entirely unclear.
  • As October came to an end, the Halloween Feast seemed like a bit of well-earned respite from the chaos and uncertainty of the months leading up to it. And it all started well enough - food was served, replete with pumpkins and edible spiders and other delightful things. The revelry was not meant to last, however: both Colm Quinn and Professor Callisto Accursio were seized by simultaneous visions. Quinn spoke out loud a few cryptic words: "Three… three… nine… three… they are coming—the Thin Man will die at the Blue Man's hand—thr—no, thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen candles." His prophecy did not have long to sink in, as shortly thereafter the Tattooed Man, and the missing nurse, fell from nowhere to the floor of the Great Hall. The Tattooed Man was dead, the Nurse injured - but the tattoos on his back had a clear image. A village, bearing a suspicious resemblance to Hogsmeade, aflame - while a pair of dark eyes look down from above.

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