Episode 1 - "An Achievement-Related Setback"

Characters Introduced




Key Events

  • Sorting Feast and Commencement Speech
  • Spontaneous explosion of all doors within Hogwarts
  • Student's meeting in the Forbidden Forest
  • Mass Memory Charm discovered
  • Disappearance of Chester Flutey
  • Attack on the Great Hall


  • The 2092 year at Hogwarts began with a bang! Following Headmaster Flutey's scintillating commencement speech, an echoing drumbeat sounded against every door in Hogwarts in a Civil War marching cadence. And then every door in the school exploded. There were some minor injuries, but more than that, there was mystery…
  • A week after the explosions, Izzy Iwamura plotted a meeting of a number of students late at night in an attempt to learn some information. Xia Lavine was owed a favor by a Diavolera (which she had named Steve), an extremely dangerous ethereal creature known to prey on humans.
  • Izzy cast a charm to attract the Diavolera while the other students subdued it with defensive charms. Once it was subdued, Xia asked, as repayment for her service to it, that the Diavolera tell her what happened on the night of the Sorting Feast. It had a cryptic answer: "We saw many things. A blue man who hammered at the gate, a thin man who answered him. The blue man scared the thin man. We could taste it. Then the thin man tried to send the blue man away, and other little manlings came out of the castle. The blue man fought them. We think the blue man won. Your doors were shattered when we saw the blue man leave."
  • Meanwhile, the faculty was also scrambling for answers. Talking amongst themselves, Professors Diggs, Cassaday, Tiger, and Allerdyce came upon a disturbing fact: none of them recalled what had happened at the Sorting Feast, and further, all of them had wildly divergent memories. They came to the conclusion that their memories had been magically altered… but that knowledge just raised further questions.
  • After some three weeks of relative peace following the Sorting Feast, things heated up in a hurry. Chester Flutey went missing early in the day, and on September 24th, 2092, something went terribly wrong. In the Great Hall, in the middle of dinner, four very large goat-like beasts wielding axes appeared and, after a brief moment of tension, attacked. The chaos that followed caused dozens of injuries before Professor Cassaday managed to calm the beasts.
  • In the aftermath of the chaos, the faculty tried to make sense of the situation. The creatures that attacked the Great Hall were Sarpans - good-natured herd creatures who had never in recorded history attacked humans. Flutey was still missing. Dozens of students were badly injured. And now more than ever, they needed answers. There was an enemy with access to the school, that much was certain. But like so many things before, it only raised further questions…

The intrigue continues in Episode 2, coming soon to a TK near you!

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