Eileen Kaust

Eileen Kaust is the Warden of Inmates of the Magikonsortium, and was a key figure in the Auror War, a double agent working for the Ministry to collect information, and disseminate false reports, among the Kalite factions of Europe. It was her false reports that led to the capture of Alden Swan and the Recovery of the Stone of Hindsight, and she also led several key Kalites into an unwinnable fight at the Battle of the Curtain.

After the war, Kaust earned the scorn of many wizards for her 'untrustworthy' tactics, but she received commendations from the Ministry of Magic for the UK, Kijushou, and the Magikonsortium. The last of these rewarded her brave efforts in the war with a position in charge of the prisoners kept in the Magikonsortium dungeons - something she reportedly took to with unnerving glee.

Kaust has served at the Magikonsortium since the end of the war, and it is due to her efforts that the dungeons there are the most feared in wizarding Europe. She is also considered a rather influential figure in European wizarding politics, as she learned many embarrassing secrets about many Ministry figures during her time among the Kalites.

Though little is known about Kaust's family, Headmistress Fraulein Kaust of Hogwarts is her younger sister.


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