Eduard Beckenbauer

Personal Information

  • Name : Eduard Beckenbauer
  • Age : 16
  • Blood : Half-Blood
  • Birth date : 2045
  • Place of Birth : Stuttgart, Germany
  • Occupation : full-time student

Physical Appearance

Eduard has a prominent doll-like appearance; smooth cream skin, vivid brown eyes and lovely proportions. As far as a male could go he is beautiful and perhaps unusually so. He does take pride in his appearance and puts whatever effort necessary into maintaining that quality.

  • Height : 5'5"
  • Weight : 110 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features : Doll-like, feminine features.



Eduard is very outgoing and socially motivated. He makes it well known that he has a passion for pink and "feminine" things and is not afraid to put anyone in their place who dare question him without valid reason. For the most part, however, he tries to keep friendly with everyone.

School Information

  • Previous Schools :
    • Balavard School of Sorcery (years 1-3)
    • Tihra Klava Institution of the Art (year 4)
    • Hogwarts School of Bitchslap and Kickassery (year 5, unknown to extent of stay)
  • House : Hufflepuff
  • Classes : Schedule
    • Breakfast
    • Potions
    • Herbology
    • Break
    • Ancient Runes
    • Lunch
    • Muggle Studies
    • Charms
    • Break
    • Defense Against The Dark Arts
    • History of Magic
    • Free Time
    • Dinner

Notable Skills

While he may not seem very bright at first, Eduard has decent memorization skills and good study habits (he just doesn't give a shit about history). He is very coordinated in terms of physical condition but he doesn't seem to do heavy lifting very well, either. He enjoys art and cooking immensely and takes great care with his creations whenever he has the time for it. Many years of his time were spent in various dance lessons to improve his well-being. His downfall is his inability to plan very far ahead, which can lead to some problems in the every day life and in extreme situations.

Magical Information

Eduard's inhuman blood gives him very little advantage other than his physical qualities. As a student he is no more exceptional than the studious mind, though he does rather well with reading and visual representations. Ancient Runes and Muggle Studies are by far his best subjects, though history has plenty of room for improvement.

  • Patronus : (incorporeal) Wisps


  • Wand : 8 1/2", Cherry, Kitsune Tail hair.
  • Broom : Starfire Zeta

Brief History

TL;DR Eduard was born to a couple in a populated muggle city, despite their "magic qualities". Eventually they moved to a smaller town in the years short of Eduard's departure to Poland for his magical studies. He has since had a falling out with his parents and has been cut off from the family vault, leaving him to find his own sources of money, which he did by selling charmed (or jinxed) handicrafts for sweet moolah before transferring out to the Baltic for an exchange year of study. He made a permanent transfer to Hogwarts at the request of some teacher that he can't think of the name of at the moment and there he now stays.

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