Duel At Tihra Klava

The Duel at Tihra Klava was one of numerous assassination attempts made on Haruhi Kojima throughout the Auror War, notable for the spectacular nature of its failure. On August 20th, 2064, Alden Swan entered Tihra Klava Institution of the Art under mistaken intelligence that Kojima was staying there. Swan found Mazzy Lavine in the room where Kojima was rumored to be staying, and Lavine engaged and subdued him.

Swan had been given the false bit of intelligence by Eileen Kaust, a double agent working for the Ministry in the Kalite ranks. Kaust's false information was initially intended simply to misdirect the Kalite forces as to Kojima's location, but the duel between Lavine and Swan proved a major boon for Ministry forces - not only was Swan captured alive, and turned over for questioning, but Mazzy also recovered one of the stolen Seeing Stones from him.

Swan's overzealous efforts at Kojima's life proved an unexpected, but welcomed, development for the Ministry war effort, as his capture caused significant problems for Kalite movements throughout Europe.

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