Duel At Huasco Teppana

The Duel at Huasco Teppana was a major confrontation in the Auror War, a confrontation between Haruhi Kojima and Deimos Arbelle. Taking place above the wizarding village of Huasco Teppana, in Bahia, the duel itself lasted less than three minutes and occurred at around 7:44 PM, on March 29th of 2064.

Arbelle, the lead strategist for Kali Anmalyashonjir in the Americas, had chosen to abandon the theatre in Brazil after the disastrous 'victory' won by Gabriela Rosario at the Battle of Sivanpara. Rosario's victory cost Arbelle the majority of his forces in the Bahia region, and rather than attempting to claim the Ministry, he deemed that his efforts would be better served further north.

Arbelle was cut off in flight by Kojima, and some time later was struck with a Killing Curse. His body was recovered in Huasco Teppana some hours later.

The death of Arbelle would prove to be a major loss for the Kalite cause, as the Kalites were shortly after soundly defeated at the Battle of Rosecross and the Battle of Lindenwell, effectively ending their plans for North America.

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