Diavolera are predatory, ethereal creatures known to stalk areas with a high population of wizards throughout the world. Most known for their tendency to feed on talented wizards who venture out too far on their own, Diavolera are distinctly classified as 'Dark' creatures - however, they are also highly observant and intelligent, and a clever individual could learn many secrets from a conversation with one.

Due to their incorporeal nature, Diavolera are mostly transparent - and thus difficult to see - but contrary to popular belief, they are not invisible. Diavolera are roughly equine in form, though they sport a spectacular lion-like mane, and most who see them (and live long enough to bring back a description) also mention an aura of near-transparent flame trailing behind the creatures.

Though they are notorious for killing and eating powerful wizards, Diavolera far more commonly feed on easier prey, taking advantage of their ethereal form to stalk, harass, and kill large, unintelligent prey that proves helpless to defend itself.

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