Destruction Of Hogwarts

The Destruction of Hogwarts, on 12/04/2063, was the first blow of the Auror War, an act that killed hundreds of people (mostly students) and left one of the world's most venerable and recognizable magical institutes in ruins.

The exact method used to destroy Hogwarts remains the subject of fierce debate, though it is generally agreed that a magical weapon was used, clearly an artifact of extraordinary power. Most hold to the idea that the artifact was destroyed in the act, as the Kalite faction never again demonstrated the ability to lay waste to such a large area so easily throughout the war.

Survivors of the blast report that it began with a single point of blinding white light, and that the castle collapsed more than exploded. The death toll was staggering, and forced the Ministry to quick action. In the meantime, Haruhi Kojima arranged with Kijushou and the Hanakotoba School of Magic for the survivors of the Hogwarts catastrophe to take refuge there. The mass-exodus by broom is a memory few survivors care to speak of.

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