Deimos Arbelle

Deimos Arbelle was an Auror from Le Ministère, and one of Kali Anmalyashonjir's most trusted military advisors and commanders. During the Auror War, he was responsible for coordinating and planning the overthrow of the Ministries and schools of the Americas. He was unsuccessful, due to the blunders of Gabriela Rosario and his eventual death at the hands of Haruhi Kojima in the duel at Huasco Teppana.

Before the war, Arbelle was a consummate Auror, skilled at his given tasks and with a long and well-decorated history of success. Though he had not supported Kali during the Auror Insurrection, he came to follow her cause as the restrictions placed on the world's Auror Departments began to interfere with his work. After meeting with her personally, he came away fanatically loyal, and Kali entrusted him with very important tasks.

Arbelle was known to have a short temper, and this is widely believed to be what led to his death at Huasco Teppana. Kojima herself has gone on record saying he was a far superior flyer, and could have escaped that conflict had he chosen to.


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