Cyrus Valen

Personal Information

  • Name: Cyrus "The Doctor" Valen
  • Age: 36
  • Blood: Pureblood
  • Birth date: August 3rd, 2056
  • Place of Birth: Armagh, Ireland
  • Occupation: Professor

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 86 kilograms
  • Distinguishing Features: Piercing, icy blue eyes. Missing his left arm.



Cyrus is a very cold, distant person, though prone to aggression when provoked into a fight. From his time in Azkaban, he seems to have formed a sort of kinship with his Animagi and taken on a few of its characteristics.

School Information

  • House: Gryffindor Alumni
  • Position: Potions Master
  • N.E.W.T. Scores
    • Care of Magical Creatures: E
    • Charms: T
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts: A
    • Herbology: O
    • Potions: O
    • Transfigurations: E

Notable Skills

  • Talented Chess Player
  • Trained in Hapkido and Jujitsu.
  • Former Beater for Gryffindor.

Magical Information

  • Excellent on a broom.
  • Talented Duelist
  • Patronus: Wolf
  • Animagus: Timber Wolf


  • Wand: Camphor, 14”, Bisan Wingvein Core
  • Broom: Suisei 7
  • Pets: Nigel, the Cornish Pixie and occasional partner in crime.
  • Other Belongings: Extensive collection of books, of both the magical variety and muggle variety.

Brief History

Born to loving in nurturing parents, as well as being the youngest of three. His oldest brother was a Squib, though the family liked him no less for it, and he maintained a healthy relationship with both siblings throughout his attendance at Hogwarts despite being placed in a separate house from the brother who did attend. He showed a strong proficiency in both Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts(and was nearly expelled for exorcising Professor Binns in his 6th year), though he eventually took a job as a Potions Master for St. Mungo's Hospital. 5 years after graduating, he mysteriously vanished at the end of his shift and only recently resurfaced.

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