Battle Of Tsuji Na Onibi

The Battle of Tsuji na Onibi took place on the night of January 18th, 2064, shortly after the assassination of Gendo Takeda. A small skirmish, with only a handful of wizards on either side, Tsuji na Onibi is historically important because it marked the first time in the war when both sides openly acknowledged their conflict.

Haruhi Kojima, with her recently recruited student aides Mazzy Lavine, Rebekah Addison, Ty Collins, and Jade Black, arrived at Mumei no Ryokan near sunset. Kojima was acting on a tip that a particular Kalite, Ando Kitsuki, would be present. She laid a trap for him on the upper floor of the inn, while Lavine's little group waited in the inn's common room.

The tip proved good, and Kitsuki arrived around an hour later along with six other Kalites. Kitsuki reserved a room, and when he and his followers went upstairs to meet, Kojima confronted them. Lavine, Addison, Collins, and Black pursued them upstairs, and Kitsuki and the other Kalites were caught in the trap. Four of them died, while Kitsuki was captured, and Black suffered some minor injuries in the altercation.

The commotion attracted attention, however, and several other Kalites stormed the inn. Kojima and her allies were forced to retreat, and Kitsuki was lost - the battle ended a failure for Kijushou forces.

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