Battle Of Sivanpara

The Battle of Sivanpara took place on March 10th, 2064, at Sivanpara Wizarding Institute. Following the fall of the Ministry of Magic for the United Kingdom and Kijushou, Sivanpara bloodlessly defected to the Kalite cause - the Headmaster Julio Ruiz was deposed, and replaced by his former deputy Javier Cordoba. Cordoba was a strong supporter of the Kalite cause, but didn't wish for unnecessary bloodshed around the student body: he allowed those who didn't support the change in leadership to return home peacefully, if they wished.

Sivanpara, largely devoid of students as concerned parents took advantage of Cordoba's offer, because an eerily empty school, and when Mazzy Lavine and his entourage arrived on the morning of March 10th, they met far less resistance than they expected.

Lavine and Cordoba had a tense, but ultimately fruitless meeting, as Cordoba refused to turn the school back over to the local Ministry, and Lavine and his allies were under orders from Haruhi Kojima to ensure the school was reclaimed.

Cordoba offered to allow Lavine and the others to leave, but his courtesy wasn't maintained, as his lieutenant Gabriela Rosario killed him, and sprung an assault on the ministry representatives. Lavine and his allies fought as well as they could against the sudden and unexpected attack, and most of them managed to escape through a concerted effort - though most of them were injured, and Kyose Irokawa was killed in the fighting.

After Lavine's failure to recover Sivanpara, the Ministry of Magic for Brazil launched a fullscale assault on the school later in the day. The fighting was fierce, with over two hundred dying before the day's end, but it was a tactically indecisive match that left Rosario's forces battered, bloodied, and ineffective, but still technically in control of the school.

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