Battle Of Rosecross

The Battle of Rosecross was a pivotal conflict in the Auror War, taking place at Rosecross Academy of Invocation, notable for being the first major, decisive defeat suffered by the Kalites. Following the death of Deimos Arbelle at the duel at Huasco Teppana, the Kalite forces in North America were disorganized, lacking the steady stream of information they had grown accustomed to.

Because of this break in the lines of communication, Abigail Treslyn played her hand too early, attempting to launch a coup against then-Headmaster of Rosecross, Jaina Marquette. On the morning of April 24th, 2064, Treslyn gathered her supporters in the Rosecross faculty and announced her intention to go ahead with the plan. Most supported her, though there was vocal opposition from Maya Sevella, and at late noon, Treslyn declared herself the new headmaster.

Marquette opposed her, and conflict broke out. The Rosecross campus became an ongoing battleground as both students and faculty took sides, with the West Wing held by the Kalites and the East Wing held by Marquette's supporters. The fighting lasted for six days before two events caused a sudden and dramatic shift in the conditions: the arrival of Haruhi Kojima and Ty Collins, and the defection of Maya Sevella to Marquette's side.

Kojima led an attack against Treslyn's position, aided by Sevella's knowledge of her plans, and captured Treslyn after a short duel. Collins and Sevella, in the meantime, evacuated the younger students to New York City, while Marquette left to bring news to the Magister of the New England Wizard's Congress.

With Treslyn's capture, the Kalite forces - mostly charmed students - surrendered with little more fight. The capture of Treslyn and defection of Sevella gave the Ministry cause two sources of sensitive information, and led directly to the failure of a coup at the Wizard's Congress.

Though considered a great victory over the Kalites, in the six days of conflict, there were 339 killed, including 144 students. It is one of few battles in the war where exact, accurate casualty counts are available. It is also one of few confrontations in which the Ministry showed mercy on the Kalite leaders, as both Treslyn and Sevella were spared death or imprisonment in exchange for their work as informants.

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